This episode of SnowPlowNews has Meyer’s Eric Larson describing the new Crossfire Insert Hopper Spreader. Meyer products are developed by working with contractors and government agencies to improve design and functionality. “Better By Design” is a tag line they’ve used to describe the process of engineering innovative, easier to use & maintain, unique products. Meyer has been in the biz for over 86 years. The Crossfire salt spreader seems to be another application benefiting from this approach. Innovative Insert … Read more Meyer Shows Once Again How They’re Serious About Innovation: Crossfire Insert Hopper Spreader

  In this edition of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens talks with Angela Raddant from Ariens about their latest product offering. Ariens Path-Pro Snow Blower is a single stage machine with a penchant for cleaning pavement. Ariens Quest To Build A Snowblower Worthy Of The ‘King of Snow’ Title Ariens has been out of this market for awhile. After approximately 2 years of design and development, they’re back with a commercial grade machine meant to satisfy customer needs. They’ve built the Path-Pro … Read more Ariens Path-Pro Single Stage Snow Thrower Is A Top Performer

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Grant Hanson of Snowalker about his new invention that Grant knows will save time and prevent injuries. What is Snowalker? Snowalker is a trip mechanism for mounted snow blowers and front loader buckets. Similar to a snow plow, this mechanism “trips” or allows the implement to move when a hard object under the snow is hit. Improved Safety is the greatest reason to use Snowalker. Instead of the vehicle stopping in its … Read more Introducing Snowalker – A Trip Mechanism for Blowers and Buckets

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Doug Clark of Western Products about their new products for the 2015-2016 snow and ice season. What’s New at Western? Everything is new! Well, almost everything. Only the spreaders from last year avoided major changes. Western Products aims now to release new products yearly as Western Products intends to lead the industry through innovation. The team at Western Products hopes you will like their commitment to continue to revolutionize the snow and … Read more Western Products Makes Innovation a Key Strategy

In this video watch Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News as he gets an opportunity to talk with Martin Tirado of SIMA during this year’s SIMA Symposium. What is SIMA? SIMA stands for Snow and Ice Management Association. Martin Tirado is currently director of this Milwaukee, Wisconsin, headquartered organization. SIMA is dedicated to be the central informational resource to the snow and ice removal industry in North America. Founded in 1996, it filled a void, bringing unity to an industry … Read more 2015 SIMA Symposium

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News has a chat with John Lotz of John Deere about equipment available to move a lot of snow and how the 204K Wheel Loader is an ideal option for most people. The 204K Wheel Loader is Versatile If you want to move tons of snow (literally), John Deere’s Loaders might be right for you. Highlighted in this video is the John Deere 204K Wheel Loader. One of the primary advantages of this loader is … Read more Check Out the John Deere 204K Wheel Loader for Moving Snow

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Mark Klossner of Boss Snow Plows about their new LED lighting system. Mark is down right excited about this new feature available on Boss Snow Plows. Boss Plows’ New SL3 LED Lighting System Boss Plows is now offering LED lights as part of their plow lighting system. The Boss SL3 lighting system is basically an upgrade of Boss’s SL2 Halogen bulb lighting system. The SL3 can be retrofitted on plows where an … Read more LED Lighting for Boss Plows

Mike Stevens talks to John Berlowski of Hiniker about their brand new receiver hitch spreader. Hiniker’s New Receiver Spreader This is the first time Hiniker has entered the market with a receiver hitch spreader, formerly letting their dealers source hitch spreaders through third parties, but the consolidation of the industry led Hiniker to become concerned their dealers no longer had the options and quality they formerly had. New Auger Means Less Waste As you would expect, Hiniker did not just … Read more Take a Look at Hiniker’s New Receiver Spreader

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Chuck Schmidt of Boss Plows about their new box plows for the contractor market. The engineers up in Iron Mountain, Michigan, have been hard at work again in their UP design facility. Wanting to avoid another “me too” product, Boss went to large contractors to determine what the current needs of contractors are in a box plow. Documenting what contractors like and don’t like, Boss hopes they have come up with another … Read more Take a Look at the Boss Box Plows

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News gets to talk to Tom Dziergas of Daniel’s Snow Plows at this year’s SIMA where Daniel’s unveiled their new VersaTach Plow. A lighter weight version of their popular 3 in 1 Plow, this new plow by Daniel’s can fit on skid steers as light as 6,000 pounds (compared to their 3 in 1 that requires a machine with a minimum weight of 25,000 lbs). While this is a smaller plow, it still comes in … Read more Snow Plow News Gets a Glimpse of Daniel’s New VersaTach Snow Plow