The Best Snow Push Box on the Planet?

If you are looking for a truly innovative and effective snow pusher design, the Pro-Tech Fusion Edge is hard to beat. The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher is a sectional push box that gives you BOTH a steel edge for incredible surface outcomes AND a rubber edge for ease of use. Everyone is talking about these! It gives you the perfect combination of durability and performance all at a reasonable price.

The Fusion Edge has been tested in harsh upstate New York winters for more than three years and stood up to the hype it’s receiving. It features the first combination cutting edge, wear shoe, and coupler design in the industry. Put this snow pusher on a loader, compact wheel loader, backhoe, skid steer or compact tractor and experience phenomenal results! It comes in 10 to 16 foot widths.

What’s Better? Rubber Edge or Steel Edge Snow Pushers?

That’s the ongoing debate, right? Well forgetdaboutit! The Fusion gives you the benefits of both! The steel infused-rubber cutting edge will cleanly move heavy, wet snow and also scrape hard-packed snow that requires less flex. The Fusion Edge also comes in 24 inch sections instead of one long edge so you can easily replace sections if needed. It’s ultra durable and is rated to provide 350 to 500 hours of heavy snow plowing. Both sides of the pusher plow have steel edges so you can quickly flip and keep plowing if one side wears down. The Fusion Edge is also built with a trip edge to keep you from getting hard impact damage when hitting obstacles.

Pro-Tech Fusion Edge SnoPusher
Pro-Tech Fusion Edge SnoPusher

The Fusion Edge has other unique features that shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, many sectional snow pushers have floating couplers for better surface contour and control. However, those couplers usually only move up and down. The Fusion has a Pro Float coupler that not only moves up and down but also sideways, and it also oscillates. This additional movement allows the plow to freely float without obstruction, giving you a much cleaner surface.

Adjusting snow shoes on the Fusion Edge is much easier than on other push boxes too. Instead of loosening bolts, shifting long pieces of rubber into the best position, then tightening bolts, the Fusion Edge shoe shoes just require simply pulling a pin on each shoe, adjusting the height, then reinserting the pin. This “Fast Attack Shoe” is also based on Pro-Tech’s Self-Leveling Shoe design, which helps the operator maintain a level plowing position at all times.

Want to learn more about Pro-Tech or The Fusion Edge sectional snow pusher? Check them out online today!