Ford Trucks Teams Up with Irdeto to Elevate Vehicle Cybersecurity

In a landmark collaboration, Ford Trucks and Irdeto join forces to fortify the security of heavy commercial vehicles, ensuring advanced protection against cyber threats.

April 23, 2024 | Staff Editor

DETROIT – April 18, 2024 – Irdeto, the global leader in digital platform cybersecurity, proudly announces a strategic alliance with Ford Trucks, a prominent player in the heavy commercial vehicle sector. This partnership signals Ford Trucks’ dedication to bolstering the cybersecurity framework of its vehicles and components in alignment with the latest industry standards and regulations.

Irdeto will furnish Ford Trucks with a state-of-the-art, fully managed key lifecycle management service, boasting ISO 27001 certification. This customizable service is tailored to accommodate the diverse product lines and Electronic Control Units (ECUs) of Ford Trucks, guaranteeing the utmost security and trust in connected devices.

The timing of this collaboration is apt, given the escalating cybersecurity requisites mandated by the UNECE R-155 regulation for automotive OEMs, effective since January 2021. Irdeto’s solution not only fulfills these regulatory obligations but also offers adaptability to evolving cybersecurity landscapes, obviating the need for substantial upfront investments in security infrastructure.

This alliance empowers Ford Trucks to refocus its efforts on innovation, safety, and quality, by delegating the intricate management of cryptographic keys and software signing services to Irdeto. Irdeto’s Keys & Credentials service is a holistic security solution overseeing the entire lifecycle of trusted identities and secured firmware for connected devices, ensuring each vehicle is authenticated and fortified against potential cyber threats.

The key advantages of Irdeto’s service encompass enhanced security and trust, compliance with emerging regulations, long-term resilience and recoverability, comprehensive lifecycle management, and unparalleled flexibility and customization options.

Emrah Duman, Ford Trucks Leader, remarks, “This collaboration underscores our dedication to integrating cutting-edge security measures into our vehicles, enhancing the safety and trust of our customers in the connected world. Together with Irdeto, we are driving forward into a new era of automotive innovation, where security and technology converge to create smarter, safer vehicles for the future.”

Niels Haverkorn, SVP, New Markets at Irdeto, concurs, “Through our partnership with Ford Trucks, Irdeto is thrilled to bring our expertise in security to the forefront of automotive innovation. Together, we are setting new standards in vehicle security, ensuring that as cars become more connected, they also become safer and more resilient against cyber threats. This collaboration signifies our shared vision for a future where mobility is not only advanced and efficient but also secure and trustworthy for all users.”

With over 350 million devices protected and more than 1 billion public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates issued, alongside more than 50 years of experience in security solutions, Irdeto’s proven track record makes it an ideal partner for Ford Trucks. This partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to delivering secure, innovative, and customer-centric solutions in the connected vehicle ecosystem.




About Irdeto

Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, empowering businesses to innovate for a secure, connected future. Building on over 50 years of expertise in security, Irdeto’s services and solutions protect revenue, enable growth and fight cybercrime in video entertainment, video games, and connected industries including transport, health, and infrastructure. With teams around the world, Irdeto’s greatest asset is its people, and diversity is celebrated through an inclusive workplace, where everyone has an equal opportunity to drive innovation and support Irdeto’s success. Irdeto is the preferred security partner to empower a secure world where people can connect with confidence.


About Ford Trucks 

Ford’s only heavy commercial brand, Ford Trucks produces a range of vehicles including tractors, construction trucks and distribution trucks weighing over 16 tons. Our ‘2019 International Truck of the Year (IToY)’ award-winning F-MAX has brought critical acclaim and high global demand. Ford commercial vehicles’ proven track record of quality, durability and efficiency underpins Ford Trucks’ international product strategy based on the best total cost of ownership promise. At Ford Trucks, we combine more than half a century of design and production experience with expertise in market-specific product development, to engineer the main components of our vehicles, including the all-new engines. We currently operate across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the CIS, and continue to grow our international network in 3 continents. Hundreds of thousands of trucks all around the world set out each and every day with the confidence that Ford provides.

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