Nor’easter on the Way: Plower Forecast 10/15/19

Meteorologist Brian Ivey of Neoweather forecasts that some of the dryer weather we’ve been seeing in the Ohio Valley and South is likely to come to an end this week as a low pressure system moves across the United States. Portions of Texas, the Midwest and Southeast have been dry over the past couple of months. But that will change on the East Coast as a drought buster builds up in the South from a batch of rain that heads over Louisiana, Arkansas and Georgia to hit a coastal low pressure system that will help rain head up the coast to form a classic Nor’easter this week.

10/15/19 Plower Forecast Video

Rain and wind will hit the Northeast, especially Boston and into Portland, Maine. Hold on to your hats because it will be gusty and cold for a few days after the rain moves through. The cold air coming across the Ohio Valley hits the warm ocean air moving north to form excessive moisture and activity across the Great Lakes into New England.

After this front moves through it will be a relatively calm and quiet weekend in most of the U.S., especially in the Midwest and Central areas. The Northwest areas of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana are the exception and they will continue to see cold, rain, and some snow through the weekend.

10/15/19 Forecast - Cold weather follows the rain
10/15/19 Forecast – Cold weather follows the rain across the Eastern half of the country.

Early next week we’ll see wide spread rain across the eastern half of the United States. Everywhere east of the Mississippi River will be rainy starting Monday. It’s important to keep an eye on that system as it moves up into New England because portions of Ontario may see some snow.

After the rain moves through next week, we’ll see much colder temperatures settle into the areas that were hit by rain.

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