Never Miss a Property Again with Smart Snow Markers!

Imagine “smart” snow markers on a property that will communicate with an app on your phone to help your company never miss snow plowing a property again! It’s not the future – it’s now! A Canadian tech company is rolling out a product called the “SnowM Marker.” It takes service updates out of human hands and manages them automatically instead for efficient and dependable real-time updates on when snow removal services are completed.

SnowM Markers - Smart Driveway Markers for Snow Removal
snow.m smart driveway markers

SnowM Marker utilizes smart technology enabling the driveway markers used by snow removal contractors to identify customers’ homes to send signals in case of miss outs. The Markers are in sync with a mobile application that the fleet can track on any smartphone.

Madan Kanala, SnowM Founder and CEO

How does it work? SnowM Markers are programmed to recognize when your snow plows are driving by a property in an area that received heavy snow. The Marker will send an alert to the driver’s mobile app notifying them that a property in the area still needs to be serviced. Unlike GPS, Marker detects service points with utmost accuracy and is linked to drivers so they never miss a location.

SnowM Markers help combat some of the major challenges faced by snow removal contractors including:

  • Missing properties and roads that need snow and ice removal. This results in poor customer feedback and wasted time on returning to a property later.
  • Providing high level, real-time communication & outstanding customer service to fleet administrators.
  • Last but not least, unplowed roads cause major accidents and delays in emergency services. SnowM Markers can prevent this.
Promo video for SnowM Markers