Pusherbox Shoes that Lower Your Operating Costs

Winter Equipment has replacement push box shoes that can seriously lower your operating expenses! How? Instead of replacing the whole shoe, you can just replace the worn sections out. Plus these cast AR steel shoes are filled with Winter Carbide Matrix and engineered to last longer than standard shoes. That means lower overall costs to you throughout the life of the pusher box.

Winter Equipment calls this replacement shoe system “MōDUS” and they have a modular design. It’s engineered this way to promote quick, in-field equipment changes, by operators who tend to run nose down or heel down and wear out shoes fast. Having the ability to make in-field adjustments also increases efficiency, and reduces downtime so more time can be spent on the road.

The MōDUS pusherbox replacement shoe system is currently available

The MōDUS Shoe System is designed to outlast OEM shoes by 2-4 times.

The MōDUS pusherbox shoe system is made to be tough! Only top tier materials are used – Cast AR steel shoes include 15ci of hardfacing per shoe, and are filled with Winter Carbide Matrix and engineered to last much longer than standard shoes. A steel adapter plate provides additional side wall support, with the strength to survive rough terrain and irritating obstructions.

Yet the MōDUS shoes are still flexible – they can be interchanged with a poly/urethane option for ornamental pavers and concrete to prevent damage to the surfaces.

The bottom line is to protect YOUR bottom line – The MōDUS modular system allows rotation and replacement of individual shoes, saving you time and money. Learn more by reaching out to Winter Equipment.

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