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It’s Here! Fall 2020 Forecast Preview

It’s long-range forecast time for the start of Autumn this year. See what meteorologist Brian Ivey has to say about what fall weather is on the way. Brian goes over the temperature and precipitation trends he’s expecting in the coming weeks and also why the forecast looks like this. See all the details here on Snow Plow News!

A First Look at the Fall 2020 Long Range Forecast

While long range forecasts aren’t super accurate, there is real science behind it and it’s better to review what experts think is going to happen, versus just risking everything. In a weather-dependent company like snow removal, the more you know the more cost effectively you can plan and execute your business.

Fall 2020 Temperatures

First, Neoweather takes a look at long-range EARLY temperature forecasts for August 28 – September 11. During this time, they expect the middle of the country to experience cooler, true fall weather. Temps in the Midwest and Central U.S. will be slightly to well-below average. However, the opposite is expected on the coasts, where they will likely see slightly to well-above-average temperatures. Brian is less confident about the East Coast being above average – it may go back and forth quite a bit, but the West Coast is expected to be well above average with high confidence. The only swath of normal temps is expected to be the horseshoe border between the two anomalies.

September - November 2020 Temperature Expectations
September – November 2020 Temperature Expectations

After the first couple of weeks in fall, the cooler than average temperatures are expected to move out. After studying several models, Neoweather has determined their own Fall Forecast with moderate confidence. Neoweather believes that warmer than average temperatures will cover the entire country from mid-September through November. The hot spot will be limited to the Western Mountain region and the rest of the country (including the Midwest) will be only above average or slightly above average.

How about precipitation? Neoweather expects that the moisture this fall will stay north. The southern areas of the U.S. are expected to be slightly to well below average for precipitation. An exception for this will be hurricanes. We still expect to see a more active than usual hurricane season this year, which could change these numbers in the Gulf and along the East Coast. Higher than average precipitation is expected up north from Seattle to Detroit and down to Denver and almost as far south as St. Louis. New England, the Great Lakes, and the West Coast are expected to have average precipitation overall this fall.

September – November 2020 Precipitation Expectations

Looking for ways to mitigate the risk for your weather-dependent business? Contact Neoweather to see how cost-effective it is to get customized weather forecasts that focus on YOUR service area.

See How LiftGator Redesigned their Lift System

Ready to see another cool innovation that was shown at the 2020 NTEA World Truck Show this year? Will the Welder and Snow Plow News took a close look at the redesigned LiftGator. Check out all the features and improvements below!

LiftGator Redesigned

The redesigned LiftGator is now completely ready for winter weather. Why? Check out these cool features:

  • Sealed wiring harness
  • Zinc plated components
  • Heavier jacks
  • Universally fits all trucks with a 2 to 2-1/2 inch hitch receiver
  • Completely portable to other pickups, flatbeds, utility or service trucks
  • Manufacturer claims that in installs in under 3 minutes
  • Available with a power or manual stabilizer unit
  • 48″ x 48″ platform
  • Push-button operation
  • Rechargeable battery (20 lifts on a single charge)
  • Folds for storage to take up less space
2020 LiftGator simply attaches to a hitch

Contractors can load up their equipment in a flash with fewer worker’s comp claims by investing in a LiftGator. These are particularly helpful with sidewalk snow removal equipment. Just load up to 1300 pounds and lift it with ease, saving both time and money. The LiftGator keeps your crew from struggling with ramps or accidentally falling off a ramp and getting hurt.

“This is an innovation that I absolutely love. It’s going to be a game-changer in the snow business.”

– Will Fries of Xtreme Fabrication (AKA Will the Welder)

See more product news and innovations from the 2020 NTEA World Truck Show on Snow Plow News here.

See What’s Happening Hurricane Laura and More!

The big news this week, of course, is Hurricane Laura. It’s expected to bring catastrophic damage to the coasts of Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana. Aside from that, Neoweather expects to see decent amounts of rain on the eastern half of the country and above average temps continue. See all the details below while Brian Ivey presents this week’s forecast in a bright new tropical shirt! 🙂

Looks like Mother Nature is done messing around with hurricane teasers and is whipping up a major storm with Cat 3 or Cat 4 potential by the time it hits the coast later today and tomorrow. Hurricane Laura is well defined and threatening to bring 120-150 mile an hour wind gusts and tornadoes to Eastern Texas and Louisiana. Houston will get heavy winds and rain, but the worst of it is expected to be east of that area. After landfall, Hurricane Laura is expected to move north into Oklahoma before it weakens to normal precipitation and swings east.

Starting Friday the eastern half of the country is looking pretty green with widespread showers being forecasted nearly everywhere. Reminents of Laura cause some of the rain, but there is also a system coming down from Canada creates moisture and precipitation.

8/28/2020 Weather Map
8/28/2020 Weather Map

Once those systems move out, Neoweather expects to see cooler temperatures in the Upper Midwest late in the weekend. That front will product some active showers and high potential for thunderstorms in Missouri by early next week.

This week there will be more of an active weather pattern, more typical of what we would expect to see in the late summer, early fall. Speaking of fall, what kind of weather is expected based on the long term forecast models? Warm! The September through November temperature anomalies show varying degrees of above average temperatures throughout the country. As you might have guessed, the Western Rockies is expected to be well above average temps as the heat dome hangs on. The rest of the country is either above average or just slightly above average temps.

Fall 2020 Long Range Temp Anomalies Map
Fall 2020 Long Range Temp Anomalies Map

Weather apps and general forecasts are not meant to be used by weather-based companies to make their business decisions. That’s where Neoweather comes in. They can present you with all the details you need to deploy your crews at the right time, with the right equipment based on YOUR specific service area. Contact Neoweather today for details on how they can save you money.

What Makes a Meyer V-Plow Stand Out?

Jason from Meyer Products talked with Snow Plow News at the 2020 NTEA World Truck Show about his opinion on the top 3 reasons that the Meyer V-Plow is better than the competition. See what he had so say below!

Meyer V Plow Advantages

The Meyer V Plow is made for Âľ-ton and larger trucks. It has several advantages that can make a difference when purchasing a new plow.

First, the Meyer Super 13 V Plow comes with powerful LED lights as standard equipment on every plow. They have a thermostatically controlled heated element in the lights that automatically comes on when temps are between 40 to -10 degrees to keep ice from building up on the lenses.

Next, Meyer’s V Plow has Standard Operating System Wiring that was designed for a near plug and play experience. It works with the existing truck wiring so there is no need to tap into multiple different wires or splice wires together to connect your truck. This makes it very efficient to hook up and also to swap out plows on your truck.

Another highlight is the industry’s best warranty. Meyer provides an exclusive 5 year warranty while most competitors only offer up to 2 years.

Meyer Super-V3 Plow has Several Advantages
Meyer Super-V3 Plow has Several Advantages

In addition to what Jason had to say, here are the main highlights of the Meyer Super-V3 plow:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Comes in 3 sizes – 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 feet wide
  • All sizes come with a bottom trip blade (1/2″ x 6″ cutting edge)
  • Highest ground clearance in the industry
  • Nite Saber® LED lights are brighter than standard lights, have a longer life, and they use less power than standard lights
  • The piston grip controller has real-time diagnostics and a Hands-Free Plowing mode that lets drivers use the shift lever to control the plow blade’s up and down movement.
  • Exclusive Meyer Dura-Slick™ paint that is made with Teflon® and baked on to the steel for smooth snow-rolling and extra durability.

Looking for more details as you compare this V-Plow to others? Contact Meyer Products today!

First EVER Snow Plow Prep Package on a Cab Over

Snow Plow News sent Will the Welder out to the 2020 NTEA Work Truck Show to review the latest innovations and this is one worth looking at! Mitsubishi unveiled the 2020 Fuso FE180 with the first-ever snow plow prep package in a cab over truck! This is a game changer!

Mitsubishi Fuso Snow Prep Package Video

There’s never been a plow prep package in the cab over truck business, so this is a really big deal! Mitsubishi made the 2020 Fuso with a heavier front axle. They also gave it an Allison 1000 Series 6-speed automatic transmission with PTO capabilities to run your plow hydraulics and a limited-slip for locking rear end. These trucks are popular because they turn on a dime and now you can order them direct from the factory with a plow prep package.

Mitsubishi Fuso now has a factory direct snow plow package option
Mitsubishi Fuso now has a factory direct snow plow package option

Other features that make the Fuso stand out in its class:

  • Commercial-grade powertrain carries a body/payload of 11,855 lbs. with ease
  • Class 5 payload capacity and tires (19.5″ standard)
  • Powerful GM V8, 6.0L gas engine delivers 2x the displacement of diesel
  • 40 gallon tank and FuelSense 2.0 feature means better efficiency and less fill ups
  • Optional transmission PTO
  • Ladder-style frame makes it tougher than any other truck in its class (shown to be 28% stronger than the competition)
  • Engineered, assembled and tested in North America

If you are looking for a cab over truck, check out the Fuso today!

See Who’s Getting Massive Warehouse Expansion

Here’s some good news about the economy in 2020 – Buyers Products is more than doubling the size of their warehouse and corporate headquarters in Mentor, Ohio to accommodate their ongoing growth.

Buyers Products 2020 Expansion

The new warehouse space will add 280,000 square feet and 20 additional docks for Buyers along with 67-foot-high ceilings. At the same time, they are expanding office space to add 17,500 square feet along with a larger parking lot for employees.

Representatives from Buyers explained that customer demand continues to grow and the expansion is needed to keep up on delivery expectations. Their existing warehouse was built in 2002 and expanded to 250,000 square feet back in 2007. This is a huge undertaking, more than doubling their size!

Buyers broke ground on their expansion on August 18 with a small ceremony that accommodated social distancing guidelines.

Since 1946, Buyers Products has specialized in durable truck boxes, heavy duty towing equipment, hydraulics, controls, and all-season trailer accessories. The Buyers line of snow and ice management equipment includes: SnowDogg® snow plows, SaltDogg® spreaders, and ScoopDogg snow pushers.

What Are the Biggest Mistakes New Snow Contractors Make?

Will the Welder pulled dealers aside at the 2020 World Truck Show to get their input on the biggest mistakes that snow contractors make. See what they had to say in the video and blog below!

NTEA 2020 Video: Mistakes Snow Contractors Make

Will interviewed dealers on behalf of Snow Plow News to get some helpful tips on what mistakes contractors make with equipment purchasing and operation. He started off with Rondo Ziegler from Rondo Enterprises & Trailers who warned that a lot of snow contractors think that a half ton truck is enough, but you can’t really run a V-plow (or bigger) very well with a half ton.

Eric Flores from Push-N-Pull in Pennsylvania said that he sees a lot of guys who neglect the maintenance on their equipment. He reminded contractors to grease the bearings and stop leaving salt in the hopper overnight. When you leave salt in the hopper, it freezes up and you waste a lot of time and energy chiseling the salt free in the early mornings when you could be out plowing.

Tod Bozer of Bob’s Services in Alaska says that they focus on trying to keep contractors from making mistakes by buying the right plow for the job. For example, a parking lot is best cleared by a straight blade with box wings. When you need to break apart snow and ice, a V-plow is the way to go.

Here’s what other experts had to say:

“A lot of times it’s no upgrading to what they want upfront. Being interested in a V-Plow but not wanting to spend the extra thousand dollars or whatever the difference is when they should have done that right from the start.”

Jeen Stork of Stork’s Plows in Pennsylvania

“The biggest thing is that they don’t know how to plow and they usually abuse the truck and they plow by trying to put something too big on it.”

Steve Jennings of Jennings Welding & Fabrication in New York

“The biggest mistake is probably not buying the right truck of the bat – matching the job to the truck and what they are going to do as far as future expansion… it’s more expensive to buy a less quality product than it is to get a good product and spend a little more money upfront because your cost of ownership goes way down.”

Dale Chestnut of Double D Services in Wisconsin

If you’re a new snow contractor, the best thing you can do it read up on all the news and tips you can find. Good news! You are in the right place! Kick your feet up and stay awhile on the Snow Plow News blog.

The Main Advantages of a SnoWay V Plow

If you are considering buying a V plow, this post is for you. Tom Brewer from Sno-Way, International gives you the rundown on what he sees as the top advantages of buying a Sno-Way plow.

What makes the Sno-Way V plow stand out from the rest? Well, according to Tom Brewer from Sno-Way International, it’s things like the fact that it comes standard with double-acting wind cylinders and full blade trip design. It also comes standard with 250 pounds of downforce on the cutting edge for effective and efficient scraping both forwards and backward. And not to be forgotten, it comes with a nice wireless control that creates less clutter in the cab.

Sno-Way V Plow Wireless Controller
Sno-Way V Plow Wireless Controller

It’s crazy to think of all the patented technology built into the Sno-Way V Plow. Here’s a look:

  • Ground Hugger™ blade design for down pressure with an aggressive 65-degree cutting edge attack angle.
  • Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics is the ultimate snow removal equipment upgrade and exclusive to Sno-Way. Our patented hydraulics make you 30% more efficient.
  • EIS™ Wiring System has a quick plug-and-play design that reduces installation and downtime. It also uses military-grade connectors that keep moisture out to eliminate corrosion.
  • Exclusive Tab-Slot and Lock construction makes the structural components link fully together for a plow that’s meant to last.
  • MaxADJUST™ Leveling System uses a simple hex bolt to adjust the V-Wing moldboard tilt forward or back for easy cleaning and better performance.
  • Patented Drive-In Mounting system with hydraulic assist is the first design in the industry that allows the driver to control the movement of the plow without standing between it and the vehicle.

See all the features on the Sno-Way V Plows that make these a leader in the industry. Just contact Sno-Way International here.

Extreme Heat This Week & Winter Weather Preview

This week kicks off with lots of precipitation in the Southeast and hotter than usual weather in the West. The barriers on the western heat dome break open over the days to come and higher than average temps spread to the Midwest. See all the details from Brian Ivey below.

8/19/2020 Weekly Weather Forecast & Winter Preview

The middle of the country starts off dry this week, with just a little bit of precipitation in the Northern Rockies. All the action seems to be in the Southeast where there are several systems of rain, especially on the East Coast where there may be a tropical system. It’s too soon to tell what will happen with that aside from lots of rain potential this weekend.

Out West things remain smokin’ hot with documented temps up to 130 degrees fahrenheit in Death Valley! The high pressure system out there is creating a major heat dome this week. That system will break down a bit in the days to come allowing the warm weather to spread eastward.

Map Showing Extreme Heat in the West 8/19/2020
Map Showing Extreme Heat in the West 8/19/2020

First Look at Winter 2020-2021 from Farmer’s Almanac

Brian shared a winter preview based on the Farmer’s Almanac this week. This is not based on any of today’s models or Neoweather forecasts, just a snapshot of what the good ‘ol Farmer’s Almanac has to say about Winter 2020-2021.

Winter 2020-2021 Farmer's Almanac Map
Winter 2020-2021 Farmer’s Almanac Map

The Farmer’s Almanac is suggesting that it won’t be a super snowy or cold winter. The standout items are a “more wet than white” prediction around the Great Lakes and “sheets of sleet” around the northern East Coast. The heavier snow is predicted for New England this year. Take this for what it’s worth to you. Future winter forecasts based on scientific models will be presented this fall from Neoweather.

If you are looking for accurate weather forecasts in your service area specifically, check out Neoweather for help. They provide customized forecasts with the details you need to make good decisions for your weather-dependent business.

Salt Spreader Poll: Auger vs Drag Chain

During the 2020 NTEA Show, Will the Welder took time to talk to several industry experts on what’s better in salt and sand spreaders: auger drive or drag chain. See what people prefer and why below.

Opinions are across the board on this one. Some guys have a strong preference for chain drag salt spreaders, others prefer augers, and some really don’t have a strong feeling about either! Some opinions depend on the type of salt or salt/sand mixture being used. Other opinions are based on geographic area and the type of weather they typically get.

SnowDogg Salt Spreader
SnowDogg Salt Spreader

“In Alaska it’s just about solely drag chain. They use what’s called a chip or F-Chip and augers just don’t move that. If you’re moving just salt or a salt and sand mix [augers] work fine for that, but my customers use F chip so they want to get a chain drag, not an auger drive.”

Tod Bozer of Bob’s Service in Alaska

“I like auger drive versus a chain. The chain is always dumping material off the bottom side and you can’t keep material clean underneath the bed of the truck.”

Jerry Heyer of Jerry’s Service in Pennsylvania

“I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other, but on the auger one thing that’s been a selling feature for it is the fact that [salt] doesn’t leave the spreader. On a drive chain you… end up making a pile of salt in front of the spreader. A lot of guys don’t like [salt] in their beds or new trucks.”

Jeen Stork of Stork’s Plows in Pennsylvania

“I prefer the auger. It’s a lot less maintenance, there are a lot less moving parts to worry about.”

Steve Jennings of Jennings Welding & Fabrication in New York

“The auger drive seems to be the preference and I prefer that. [It has] less moving parts, easier to do maintenance on it.”

Rondo Ziegler of Rondo Enterprises & Trailers in Illinois

“When it comes down to it I think I like the auger better… because it’s the cleaner spreader. With the conveyor chain spreaders, you’re going to have all that mess in the bed at the end of the night. With an auger style you don’t have all the residual build up in the front of the hopper and it’s just and easier clean up.”

Eric Flores of Push-N-Pull in Pensylvania

Looking for more information on salt and sand spreader styles and name brands? We’ve got an extensive library of articles! Check out more snow removal product news in our blog by clicking here.