So NOW What’s Expected with the Weather?

After the violent straight line storm that crippled parts of Iowa and Illinois, what could possibly be in store for the country this week? Will the ongoing madness of 2020 continue? Watch this week’s weather video below to find out what Brian Ivey at Neoweather thinks!

8/12/2020 Weekly Weather Forecast Video

So they call this type of system a “Derecho” which is a mature, organized group of thunderstorms with a family of particularly damaging down burst. It caused significant damage and a few tornadoes. You’ve probably seen the crushed silos and flattened corn crops online. It traveled over 700 miles across the country.

Over the next couple of days, there is expected to be some storms and significant precipitation across the Southeast. The models aren’t in total agreement and they’ve been off a bit lately, but whether it’s spotty or widespread, we’re expecting precipitation in those areas. Not much is expected across the Midwest, Northeast or Western half of the U.S. until this weekend when the Upper Midwest may see some severe weather again. There’s the potential for a stormy system to pop up in North Dakota that may swing down into Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

8/12/2020 Weather Map showing SE precipitation

The American Model shows widespread rain in the Northeast over the weekend and into next week. So watch for rain hugging the East.

The heat dome in the West is expected to continue. No surprises there through next week. It will remain dry and hotter than average temperatures out that way.

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