Causing Trouble with the Buyers Expressway Plow

Nothing seems to stop the Expressway Municipal Snow Plow from Buyers Products. Nothing. Even smacking railroad tracks head-on at high speeds… hard to believe? Listen to Will the Welder tell the story along with why this plow is a total beast, especially when attached to an Oshkosh truck!

The Buyers Expressway plow (or Butterfly Plow) has been around for about two years, so it’s pretty new to the market but making a huge impression. This bad boy has a strength and durability that’s been put to the test and it can’t be beat! How do we know? Will tried to break it! He took this plow out on one of his 70 ton Oshkosh trucks and purposely hit bridge abutments, curbs, manhole covers and even railroad tracks (that last one was an accident)! They hit the railroad tracks so hard that it lifted the back end of a 70,000 pound truck! And guess what… the only damage to this mega plow was a bent cutting edge. This plow has been put to the test like no other, and passed with flying colors!

SnowDogg Expressway Municipal Snow Plow
SnowDogg Expressway Municipal Snow Plow

What Will loves about the SnowDogg Expressway Municipal Snow Plow

  • Crazy serious heavy-duty construction
  • The perfect curve for rolling snow off your plow and OVER guard rails
  • Throws snow incredible distances
  • Even at 45 mph speeds WITHOUT a deflector, no snow was hitting the windshield – it’s THAT good!
  • Comes in highly durable carbon steel powder coated or stainless steel
  • Tons of mounting systems for any truck

Other Important Features

  • Comes with a flared moldboard which is 40″ high in the middle and 55-56″ on either end
  • Full trip blade for forgiveness when hitting obstacles
  • Tubular steel push frame that runs the entire width of the moldboard’s ribs, giving you unbelievable strength protection against impact damage

If you are looking to add a municipal plow to your fleet, make sure you check this one out. You won’t be disappointed! Contact Buyers Products / SnowDogg for more information.