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Fisher HC Plow Line Replaces Successful MC Line

Replacement for Fisher MC Line has Arrived

Fisher has deep roots in personal plows for homeowners, but commercial plows are their larger market. Their new commercial line, HC, is a replacement for the long running MC plow line. While products need to be revamped, Fisher understands that you don’t always need to start from scratch. That is why they took all of the features and benefits that made the MC line successful and put them in the HC line.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Fisher added more accessory items and also chose to enhance some of their standard features. Some of these features include oscillation in the A-Frame, designed to withstand heavy-duty work. The blade is now able to follow the curves of any surface to improve scraping.Curb guards now come standard on the blade as well.

More Possibility with Fisher HC Line

Pre-punched mounting locations allows for easy integration with all other accessories offered. Fisher really has packed the new HC line with great accessories. The added availability of features creates more possibility for snow and ice professionals. Other key accessories to note include the blade stop kit, cutting edge – Steel – 5/8”, SnoFoil®, rubber deflector and more.

Optimized for Every Job

Fisher knows their products are used on streets with trucks traveling at a potentially higher rate of speed. They back their products and are built to perform. The main goal of the newly released HC is to offer accessors that help configure customers optimally for the plowing they are doing.

Chevy Silverado 4500-6500 – Plow Ready Trucks

Chevy Silverado 4500-6500 Plow Ready Trucks

The Chevy Silverado 4500 is ready for you to start plowing! This new truck starts at 15,000 lbs. and goes all the way up to 22,900 lbs. The capacity of the Chevy Silverado 4500 speaks for itself. The truck is also available in 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. This easy to drive truck also features a regular cab or crew cab depending on your fleet needs. Increase your productivity with Chevy’s new plow ready truck.

Stronger than the Competition

Stronger. Easy to service. Easy to drive. A truck truly focused on the customer. What sets this truck apart from the competition is that when you are up at 22,0000 lbs you get more capacity than anyone else in the market at this size product. Also, Chevy has a heavier front axle up to 8000 lbs. so you can add a larger plow to the front of your truck when you need to.

A Smoother Upfit Process

Chevy offers a plow package to make the upfit process smoother. When you order the package, you will find that the holes are already drilled in the frame for the common brackets. Chevy wants to keep this as simple as possible for you. They don’t want you try to figure out where the brackets need to go. Less up-front work for you and more plow time. The plow package also gives you a 220-amp alternator, wiring harness for the head lamps and wiring to put a yellow light on top of your truck. This easy to use truck is what customers and upfitters want and Chevy will continue to lead the way with customer focused products.

Mills Insurance – Documentation Standards

Organization is Key

Time to get organized. Mills Insurance wants to make sure you are the most organized contractor out there. Documentation standards are something you as a contractor need to keep up with. There are so many resources out there for you to utilize.

Monitor Everything

Rally your team together and start going through your documentation standards and how they hold up to the industry standards. Be sure you are monitoring everything you are doing. Photos, time-stamps, logs etc. Take the time to see what you and your team are working on.

Checklists? GPS Logs?

Utilize checklists. Mills Insurance feels checklists give you an advantage for documenting. You will love them, insurance companies love them, so why not use them? Also, be sure to evaluate your GPS logs. It’s a simple thing, but you also may want to consider digitizing them. The more modern you can make your documents, the better. You will find it easier and working with the insurance company will be a breeze!

Step Up to the Challenge

This is your reminder to take insurance and documentation seriously. Let’s all raise the bar and take our documents to the next level.

Mills Insurance – Get your insurance plan in place

Rest Easy with Pre-Planning

Get your insurance plan in place. Plain and simple you need to plan ahead and you need to do it now. When you have all of your insurance needs put to bed well before your season starts, you can rest easy. The rest of the job is what you know how to do and its why you’re in this industry.

Don’t Sign before Your Insured!

When your insurance is in place well before you sign any contract for Fall or Winter, you are in good shape. Why would you sign a contract without having all your insurance needs lined up? You may think you don’t need to get it done, but Mills Insurance is here to tell you that you need to get it done!

Be a Step Ahead the Rest

Once you’re out on the road, you don’t need to worry if your insurance is correct or adequate. You can have confidence that you are ready to go. Best time to work on this is in July or August when you are starting to think about winter. Don’t wait for winter to arrive, plan ahead and beat the snow.

Pro-Tech Snow Blade for Skid Steer

Pro-Tech is built on a solid foundation of quality, durability, customer service and high performing products. The value of their units can be seen through their passion for snow and ice management. Innovation and durability set them apart. Contractors are critical in the snow and ice months and you can be sure that Pro-Tech will back their products with performance.

New Features

Pro-Tech latest product is the Snow Blade for Skid Steer. This straight blade plow now comes with wings. This new feature allows contractors to both windrow and contain snow. With 8 and 10ft sizes, there is an option to fit your needs. The wing enhancement is another simple way Pro-Tech continues to innovate the snow removal process.

True to Brand

While staying true to their brand and what they stand for, Pro-Tech has built a rugged plow using a structural steel channel that customers can find on their Sno Pushers They make sure each piece of steel is high-quality and will go above and beyond your expectations. The consistency of their products is why their customers keep coming back.

High Customer Satisfaction

Another great feature is that the coupler oscillates to different surface variations. Conforming to the surface gives you peace of mind when you head out to plow. It’s a great product to be used with your skid steer or to complement your Sno Pusher fleet. With high customer satisfaction, Pro-Tech performs with their durable and innovative products.

Neoweather – Customized Weather Forecasts

We’ve all been there. Every snow storm is another guessing game. When should we put the salt down, when will the snow stop? There are so many options for finding out the forecast. Some are reliable, while others are not so accurate.

Make Decisions With Ease

Neoweather is a consulting agency that provides specific weather forecasts for those that need to make decisions based on the most accurate information. They send detailed PDFs to your email with what could be hour by hour forecasts broken down for the day. You may also need some advance planning timing. Neoweather has you covered.

Storms are Coming!

Let’s say a storm is about 3,5 maybe even 6 days out. If the threat is severe, you will want to know how to plan. Neoweather will send you a heads-up email letting you know when the threat will be affecting your exact location. This allows for reasonable planning and prep time for your team.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Why Neoweather? They are focused on tailoring the forecasts to fit your exact need. They are steps above any weather app you may have on your phone or your local TV news. Apps and local meteorologists are giving a broad overview of the area and not specific to where you need to plow. All the information you receive from Neoweather will be specific, accurate and your best bet at timing a storm in advance.

Why take a chance and rely on an app when Neoweather will bring your tailored forecast straight to your inbox?

Schmidt Stratos Superior Spreaders

Schmidt leads the way with technology for v-box spreaders in the industry. Specifically with their B50 Schmidt Statos. Looking for more control of the material you are spreading? The capability of the Schmidt Stratos Spreaders is top-notch. Their spreaders give you the most control of what direction your salt, sand or any elements you are spreading goes. You’re in charge and have complete authority out on the road.

Safety is Top Priority

Safety is another major concern for Schmidt. Distracted drivers is the last thing we need out on the roads. With the Schmidt Stratos Spreaders, drivers can pre-program the spreader prior to leaving the lot. The spreader will automatically spread while you are driving. This means less messing around and no bottoms or knobs to be touching. Stay safe and be effective on the streets with the excellent safety measures Schmidt has taken.

Precision Unit

From a capability standpoint, the B50 Schmidt Stratos Spreader holds 50 cubic yards of material and 450 gallons of liquid. What we also love about the Schmidt Stratos is that it is a precision placement unit. Salt should be on the road and nowhere else. Put the salt down exactly where you need it to go. The belt brings your materials down to the spinner shoot for ultimate precision.

Adjustable Spinner Head Creates Flexibility

Their anti-clumping system also keeps the flow of materials down to the spinner, keeping it clear and clean. The spinner itself has an adjustable head to direct your materials from a single lane up to 3 lanes. Make adjustments specific to each job you tackle with ease. At the end of the day, if the salt stays where you want it to go, you have fasting melting times, safer roads and you’re saving money by using the salt more efficiently.

Neoweather Makes Storm Prep Easy

Prepping for a winter storm. What’s your first move? Probably keeping an eye on the forecast at all times leading up to the event. If you don’t have the most accurate information it can be difficult to get ready

To Pre-Treat or Not to Pre-Treat

Neoweather has had multiple clients tell them they have gone out and looked at the situation at hand and were unsure if they were really going to get as much snow as was predicted. The clients decide to hold back on the pre-treating a little and will plow when it hits around 2 inches. However, they are guessing and hoping that more snow won’t come. In some cases, it does keep snowing.

A Simple Call for Accurate Information

Neoweather encourages their clients to give them a call or send an email. They will let you know that the storm is going to keep producing snow in your area and for how long. Neoweather will give you a clear understanding of how much snow to expect so you can decide the best method for tackling it.

Don’t Rely on Your Phone App

Your apps can’t tailor to your needs. With ice storms and bigger snow events, Neoweather’s clients are able to load up their trucks, get their salt and ice equipment and pull into the parking lot. They wait for the storm to hit at the right time while no one else is out in town.

A Step Ahead of the Rest

Get ahead of the snow and ice storms by relying on Neoweather to provide accurate and timely information so you can do your job and not have to worry about when should I go out? How long will it snow? How much snow will we get? All these questions will be answered by Neoweather.

East Coast Facilities – Snowgrr Solution


Easily move hard to reach snow
The all new Snowgrr is one of a kind. Customers are able to clear more snow from underneath semi-trailers. The Snowgrr reaches under the trailer and moves the snow from left to right; depositing the snow through an open end. Once the snow is out from under the trailer the rest of the snow removal operation is much easier.

What makes Snowgrr Easier?
You don’t need a backhoe to do this job. Just attach the Snowgrr to your skid steer and you are all set. Investing in a skid steer or using one from your fleet is much easier than purchasing a backhoe. Clearing snow is a breeze and you will be able to cut back on salt with a cleaner surface. Berlon knows contractors need to not only get the job done, but get it done right. Trust the Snowgrr to move hard to reach snow.

 Has the Snowgrr been put to the test?
East Coast Facilities has been impressed with Berlon’s Snowgrr.  After putting a fleet of Snowgrr’s to the test, East Coast Facilities found the solution was exactly what they needed in order to provide their customers with the best product that cuts clearing snow by up to 75%!

Challenges are Overcome
When East Coast Facilities had a challenge, Berlon had a solution. Unique issues such as getting snow out from under a trailer are not a problem. In a normal situation, there would probably be a lot of manual labor involved to remove the snow. Having the right tool provides higher productivety and keeps the business flowing.


  • Cuts clearing time up to 75%
  • Cleaner surface means less chance for slips and falls reducing workers comp claims
  • Reduces need for salting
  • Use skid steer instead of backhoe
  • Auger leaves snow windrowed 8 feet from parked trailers
  • LED lights provide better depth perception
  • Abrasion-resistant adjustable shoes
  • Two – piece design for cost effective shipping


  • 16.5′ wide and 24″ tall
  • 13″ diameter auger
  • 3/4 x 4″ bolt-on cutting edge
  • 2 heavy-duty mounting plates

Cutting snow removal time by 75% and greatly reducing salt usage with an investment under $12,000 is a simple decision.  Even better, Berlon allows for great financing options for the Snowgrr. The payback for a Snowgrr investment is less than one year – fantastic.

Buyers – Commercial-Grade Products for UTVs

At the 21stAnnual Snow & Ice Symposium, Buyers had many customers commenting on their products. Not just the quality, but the number of products they have to offer. Buyers builds everything from a UTV all the way to municipal plows and spreaders that you see out on the highways working for your local DOT and everything in-between. The wide breath of products is an asset to the company. Why go with another company when Buyers has anything you could want?

Sized for UTVs

Specifically, for the UTVs, Buyers is proud of how they are able to set them up. They showcased a v-plow on the front of a UTV. Compared to other companies, this v-plow design is taken straight from a truck v-plow. The UTV v-plow is just like what you would see on a pick-up truck, but sized to fit your UTV. Same features, but ready to take your UTV to the next level.

SaltDogg Spreaders

The featured SaltDogg spreader is a ¾ yard spreader with a full vertical auger and an independent spreader with independent motor. Also featured is the in-cab controller so you have a handle on everything from within the cab. The spreader can not only handle salt, but a salt and sand combo. Some customers also use it for seed feed or fertilizer – making this a year-round UTV. Take your UTV up a notch with using it year-round versus just for home recreational use!

Not just for Recreation, Anymore

Historically, UTVs have been for recreational use only. However, a lot of customers are using these vehicles in a year-round application, not just for their hunting or fishing. These vehicles are fully capable of being used within your business. Buyers is able to offer commercial grade products so you can do your heavy snow removal and not just have a UTV for fun.

Classic Style, High Performance

The look of the UTV v-plow is a classic stainless steel using 304 stainless. Customers really enjoy the way the plow integrates with their UTVs and of course that it looks nice too. The spreader is rotationally molded so you don’t have different materials clashing with the appearance of the spreader and certainly not the operation of the spreader either. Classically designed and built for top performance, the Buyers SaltDogg an