Fisher HC Plow Line Replaces Successful MC Line

Replacement for Fisher MC Line has Arrived

Fisher has deep roots in personal plows for homeowners, but commercial plows are their larger market. Their new commercial line, HC, is a replacement for the long running MC plow line. While products need to be revamped, Fisher understands that you don’t always need to start from scratch. That is why they took all of the features and benefits that made the MC line successful and put them in the HC line.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Fisher added more accessory items and also chose to enhance some of their standard features. Some of these features include oscillation in the A-Frame, designed to withstand heavy-duty work. The blade is now able to follow the curves of any surface to improve scraping.Curb guards now come standard on the blade as well.

More Possibility with Fisher HC Line

Pre-punched mounting locations allows for easy integration with all other accessories offered. Fisher really has packed the new HC line with great accessories. The added availability of features creates more possibility for snow and ice professionals. Other key accessories to note include the blade stop kit, cutting edge – Steel – 5/8”, SnoFoil®, rubber deflector and more.

Optimized for Every Job

Fisher knows their products are used on streets with trucks traveling at a potentially higher rate of speed. They back their products and are built to perform. The main goal of the newly released HC is to offer accessors that help configure customers optimally for the plowing they are doing.