Buyers – Commercial-Grade Products for UTVs

At the 21stAnnual Snow & Ice Symposium, Buyers had many customers commenting on their products. Not just the quality, but the number of products they have to offer. Buyers builds everything from a UTV all the way to municipal plows and spreaders that you see out on the highways working for your local DOT and everything in-between. The wide breath of products is an asset to the company. Why go with another company when Buyers has anything you could want?

Sized for UTVs

Specifically, for the UTVs, Buyers is proud of how they are able to set them up. They showcased a v-plow on the front of a UTV. Compared to other companies, this v-plow design is taken straight from a truck v-plow. The UTV v-plow is just like what you would see on a pick-up truck, but sized to fit your UTV. Same features, but ready to take your UTV to the next level.

SaltDogg Spreaders

The featured SaltDogg spreader is a ¾ yard spreader with a full vertical auger and an independent spreader with independent motor. Also featured is the in-cab controller so you have a handle on everything from within the cab. The spreader can not only handle salt, but a salt and sand combo. Some customers also use it for seed feed or fertilizer – making this a year-round UTV. Take your UTV up a notch with using it year-round versus just for home recreational use!

Not just for Recreation, Anymore

Historically, UTVs have been for recreational use only. However, a lot of customers are using these vehicles in a year-round application, not just for their hunting or fishing. These vehicles are fully capable of being used within your business. Buyers is able to offer commercial grade products so you can do your heavy snow removal and not just have a UTV for fun.

Classic Style, High Performance

The look of the UTV v-plow is a classic stainless steel using 304 stainless. Customers really enjoy the way the plow integrates with their UTVs and of course that it looks nice too. The spreader is rotationally molded so you don’t have different materials clashing with the appearance of the spreader and certainly not the operation of the spreader either. Classically designed and built for top performance, the Buyers SaltDogg an