Mills Insurance – Documentation Standards

Organization is Key

Time to get organized. Mills Insurance wants to make sure you are the most organized contractor out there. Documentation standards are something you as a contractor need to keep up with. There are so many resources out there for you to utilize.

Monitor Everything

Rally your team together and start going through your documentation standards and how they hold up to the industry standards. Be sure you are monitoring everything you are doing. Photos, time-stamps, logs etc. Take the time to see what you and your team are working on.

Checklists? GPS Logs?

Utilize checklists. Mills Insurance feels checklists give you an advantage for documenting. You will love them, insurance companies love them, so why not use them? Also, be sure to evaluate your GPS logs. It’s a simple thing, but you also may want to consider digitizing them. The more modern you can make your documents, the better. You will find it easier and working with the insurance company will be a breeze!

Step Up to the Challenge

This is your reminder to take insurance and documentation seriously. Let’s all raise the bar and take our documents to the next level.