Pro-Tech Snow Blade for Skid Steer

Pro-Tech is built on a solid foundation of quality, durability, customer service and high performing products. The value of their units can be seen through their passion for snow and ice management. Innovation and durability set them apart. Contractors are critical in the snow and ice months and you can be sure that Pro-Tech will back their products with performance.

New Features

Pro-Tech latest product is the Snow Blade for Skid Steer. This straight blade plow now comes with wings. This new feature allows contractors to both windrow and contain snow. With 8 and 10ft sizes, there is an option to fit your needs. The wing enhancement is another simple way Pro-Tech continues to innovate the snow removal process.

True to Brand

While staying true to their brand and what they stand for, Pro-Tech has built a rugged plow using a structural steel channel that customers can find on their Sno Pushers They make sure each piece of steel is high-quality and will go above and beyond your expectations. The consistency of their products is why their customers keep coming back.

High Customer Satisfaction

Another great feature is that the coupler oscillates to different surface variations. Conforming to the surface gives you peace of mind when you head out to plow. It’s a great product to be used with your skid steer or to complement your Sno Pusher fleet. With high customer satisfaction, Pro-Tech performs with their durable and innovative products.