Schmidt Stratos Superior Spreaders

Schmidt leads the way with technology for v-box spreaders in the industry. Specifically with their B50 Schmidt Statos. Looking for more control of the material you are spreading? The capability of the Schmidt Stratos Spreaders is top-notch. Their spreaders give you the most control of what direction your salt, sand or any elements you are spreading goes. You’re in charge and have complete authority out on the road.

Safety is Top Priority

Safety is another major concern for Schmidt. Distracted drivers is the last thing we need out on the roads. With the Schmidt Stratos Spreaders, drivers can pre-program the spreader prior to leaving the lot. The spreader will automatically spread while you are driving. This means less messing around and no bottoms or knobs to be touching. Stay safe and be effective on the streets with the excellent safety measures Schmidt has taken.

Precision Unit

From a capability standpoint, the B50 Schmidt Stratos Spreader holds 50 cubic yards of material and 450 gallons of liquid. What we also love about the Schmidt Stratos is that it is a precision placement unit. Salt should be on the road and nowhere else. Put the salt down exactly where you need it to go. The belt brings your materials down to the spinner shoot for ultimate precision.

Adjustable Spinner Head Creates Flexibility

Their anti-clumping system also keeps the flow of materials down to the spinner, keeping it clear and clean. The spinner itself has an adjustable head to direct your materials from a single lane up to 3 lanes. Make adjustments specific to each job you tackle with ease. At the end of the day, if the salt stays where you want it to go, you have fasting melting times, safer roads and you’re saving money by using the salt more efficiently.