East Coast Facilities – Snowgrr Solution


Easily move hard to reach snow
The all new Snowgrr is one of a kind. Customers are able to clear more snow from underneath semi-trailers. The Snowgrr reaches under the trailer and moves the snow from left to right; depositing the snow through an open end. Once the snow is out from under the trailer the rest of the snow removal operation is much easier.

What makes Snowgrr Easier?
You don’t need a backhoe to do this job. Just attach the Snowgrr to your skid steer and you are all set. Investing in a skid steer or using one from your fleet is much easier than purchasing a backhoe. Clearing snow is a breeze and you will be able to cut back on salt with a cleaner surface. Berlon knows contractors need to not only get the job done, but get it done right. Trust the Snowgrr to move hard to reach snow.

 Has the Snowgrr been put to the test?
East Coast Facilities has been impressed with Berlon’s Snowgrr.  After putting a fleet of Snowgrr’s to the test, East Coast Facilities found the solution was exactly what they needed in order to provide their customers with the best product that cuts clearing snow by up to 75%!

Challenges are Overcome
When East Coast Facilities had a challenge, Berlon had a solution. Unique issues such as getting snow out from under a trailer are not a problem. In a normal situation, there would probably be a lot of manual labor involved to remove the snow. Having the right tool provides higher productivety and keeps the business flowing.


  • Cuts clearing time up to 75%
  • Cleaner surface means less chance for slips and falls reducing workers comp claims
  • Reduces need for salting
  • Use skid steer instead of backhoe
  • Auger leaves snow windrowed 8 feet from parked trailers
  • LED lights provide better depth perception
  • Abrasion-resistant adjustable shoes
  • Two – piece design for cost effective shipping


  • 16.5′ wide and 24″ tall
  • 13″ diameter auger
  • 3/4 x 4″ bolt-on cutting edge
  • 2 heavy-duty mounting plates

Cutting snow removal time by 75% and greatly reducing salt usage with an investment under $12,000 is a simple decision.  Even better, Berlon allows for great financing options for the Snowgrr. The payback for a Snowgrr investment is less than one year – fantastic.