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Why Hiniker Snowplows are Favored by Dealers

Rondo Ziegler and Will the Welder at the 2020 NTEA

Why Choose Hiniker Plows?

Will the Welder caught up with Rondo Ziegler of Rondo Enterprises & Trailers in Illinois at the 2020 NTEA World Truck Show to find out why Rondo chooses to be a dealer for Hiniker plows. Why does he think Hiniker makes the best plow? First, Rondo loves the quality of a Hiniker plow. For over 15 years, he’s sold these plows and he says they are so good that sometimes he doesn’t hear from customers again for a long time. His customers are happy and they have very few problems with them. Also, Rondo likes that they are easy to hook up and take off. If support is needed, Hiniker is easy to work with and offers great customer service.

Hiniker Snow Plow 2020

Types of Plows offered by Hiniker

Hiniker’s 2020 line up includes a variety of high-performance snow plows for both trucks and skid steers. Regardless of the job, Hiniker has a plow designed for every purpose. They have equipment for residential and commercial jobs of all sizes. For trucks, they have straight blades, reversible c-plows, v-plows, scoop plows, and a high capacity 10-foot trip-edge plow.

Hiniker plows are tough too. You can choose plow blades with stainless steel, incredibly strong horizontal-truss poly moldboards,  or a corrosion-proof HDPE poly moldboard that is dent-resistant with less surface friction for easier plowing and greater efficiency. Get the features you need by talking with a dealer about all your options. Not sure which plow will work for your truck? Check out Hiniker’s plow configurator on their website.

About Hiniker

Hiniker is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of snow and ice management equipment. Their roots go back to 1970 and they have a strong reputation for building tough and reliable equipment. Hiniker focuses on making equipment that is easy and efficient to use, while also being engineered and built to keep down time to a minimum.

Hiniker 2020

Hiniker Plow Advantages Video

Check out the interview Will had with Rondo Enterprises below.

Winter is Here. See When & Where the Snow Is Flying!

10/20/2020 Snowy Road Cams

Say it isn’t Snow!

A major snowstorm hit Iowa yesterday reintroducing the Midwest to slippery roads and traffic delays. They saw 4-9 inches of snow fall in just a couple of hours, crippling parts of Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. Is there more coming soon? YES! Keep reading for all the details from Brian Ivey at Neoweather.

This week kicked off with that snow covering most of Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, the U.P., and of course, Iowa. It dipped down from Canada like Neoweather warned us last week, and made a brief visit to the Midwest. Today it’s heading back up to Canada where it belongs and sticking around for a few days up there.

That’s not where the snow action stops this week.

Wednesday another system gets organized in the Northwest, hopping on the active Pacific Jet Stream to bring muliple waves of cold and snow across the area through the Northern Plains. 

10/21/2020 Snow in the Northwest and Northern Plains

South of all the snowy action, things are pretty quiet, but we do expect to see some rain in Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, and the Ohio Valley, up into New England on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cold Temperatures Expected

The cold air dipping down from Canada this week and into next week is going to give the Northern Plains and Midwest a spoonful of some pretty cold winter weather well in advance of the norm. This will collide with warmer temperatures pushing up from the South, but the cold will overrule it and most of the country will be cooler than average for a few days. Even Texas and the Tennessee Valley will feel the chill. The cold won’t stick around long in the West, and things will heat up again quickly.

The significance of this drop in temps is that it will amplify the weather pattern and cause a repeat of another cold system and moderate to heavy snow will be likely as it rides the cold air down across the country.

10.22.2020 Temperature Map

How much snow is expected over the next week? It’s actually pretty scary (or exciting if you’re a snow contractor in the areas below). Both the European model and GFS model are predicting heavy snowfall totals up to 15-20 inches. Brian Ivey cautions the faith in these models, but wants to be sure you’re prepared, just in case they are accurate, so he’s sharing them below. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 Snow Models

10/27/2020 Snow Models

10/20/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Watch Neoweather’s winter forecast for snow contractors video this week with all the details below. If you are ready to explore private forecasting just for YOUR service area instead of relying on generic weather apps and generalized news, Contact Neoweather today!

Hurricane Delta Update & Snow Coming! See Where!

10/8/2020 Weather Maps

The big news this week is Hurricane Delta blasting Louisiana and the Northern Gulf Coast once again before they even had a chance to recover from Hurricane Laura. Hitting land will weaken Delta, but we’re still expecting 70-90 mph winds as it hits the shore as a Category 3 hurricane. The Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes are the other areas to watch this week as a super cold front dips down from Canada and brings the potential for snow!

This weekend kicks off with Hurricane Delta bringing tons of precipitation after it hits land but the winds will slow down drastically. There will be heavy rainfall, especially through all of Louisiana and most of Arkansas and Mississippi causing widespread flooding. As it journeys north, it will break apart and bring moderate to briefly heavy rains to those areas. Aside from the hardest hits states, most areas in the Southeast will only see 2-3 inches.

10/9/2020 SE USA Rain Totals

Snow on the way for Pacific Northwest

This week the cold air gets serious as it moves through parts of Canada and down into the Pacific Northwest. It is expected to bring some snow to the Rockies over the next week or so and it may start to pile up in Canada. Welcome back, Winter! This is a typical pattern that’s expected to occur throughout Winter 2020-2021. The jet stream is expected to be highly active, causing waves of troughing and ridging bringing the cold Canadian air down. The action starts late next week with a major trough of low pressure dropping temperatures down into the 20s and 30s around the Great Lakes. Time to get out your gloves and winter jackets! We might even see some snowflakes in that area of the country!

Upcoming October Temperatures

Neoweather takes a look at the expected temperatures across the U.S. for the next few weeks in October. While it’s expected to be way colder than average next week, that pattern doesn’t stick around, and just slightly below temperatures are expected overall for the middle of the country and warmer than average temps are actually expected for New England and the Rockies. Unfortunately, the West will continue to be well above average and dry. California was forecasted to get some significant rain at once point, but sadly that’s probably not going to happen, so hang in there if you’re out that way!

October 9-23 Temperature Map

10/9/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Check out this week’s video with all the details below. And remember, private forecasting services like Neoweather are highly recommended by Snow Plow News to get accurate forecasts for YOUR service area. They are much more accurate than generic apps and news forecasts to help you deploy your crews at the right time and with the best equipment to save you money! Contact Neoweather today for details and pricing.

Is it Late Fall?? Sure Feels Like it this Week!

Neoweather has analyzed the forecast again this week for our snow contractor readers and looks like another active week for parts of the country. However, it’s the East that sees most of the action this week. And even though it’s unseasonably cool in many areas, it’s just multiple rainy systems moving through – no snow expected this week.

10/1/2020 Weather Map showing cool temps dipping down from Canada
10/1/2020 Weather Map showing cool temps dipping down from Canada

The Canadian air is much cooler than normal for this early in the fall already. That air is expected to dip down into the Great Lakes and New England early this week. The rest of the country is covered with a high-pressure system that is keeping it dry with warmer temperatures. That system is expected to move east and help warm up the rest of the country.

Once the high-pressure system moves east this week, Neoweather if forecasting warmer than average temperatures from coast to coast starting October 8th. The highest temps will be in the heart of the country surrounding Nebraska and neighboring states.

Heat in the Heart of our Country this week

2020-2021 Winter Long Range Forecast Update

Neoweather has a few teasers to their long-range winter forecast this week too. Next week they take a deep dive into this winter’s forecast, but for now Brian Ivey says there is an average jet stream track going through the middle of the country. That may allow for some cold air to push down from Canada often this season – BUT there may be something stopping that from happening! To find out for sure, check out our blog next week when Brian goes into all the details of the long-range winter forecast as well as WHY he’s forecasting those details.

Kick back and watch this week’s forecast video:

Remember, if you’re looking for detailed and specific weather forecasts for YOUR service area, Neoweather can help. Contact them today for details!