Sno-Way RVB Drop Spreader

Sno-Way RVB Drop Spreader

Ingenius Design for UTV Spreader Conversion

Sno-Way Intl. keeps at it every year with introducing a lot of innovations to our industry, and we get to share with you an ingenious design trick they implemented to instantly convert a mounted UTV broadcast spreader into a drop spreader.

This feature is really great for buildings and grounds folks where they have a lot of sidewalks, especially properties that have both broad and standard paved foot-paths. You can use the UTV to broadcast spread on a wide foot-path area with the Sno-Way RVB 10 and RVB 500 (10 and 500 cubic foot capacities), which is great because the small UTV is a lot friendlier to get around pedestrian traffic than a pickup (being careful not to broadcast spread into pedestrians, thank you).

But then when you get to standards sidewalks, the broadcast spreaders become useless. A lot of property managers are forced to buy separate equipment and dedicate some UTVs for broadcast spreading and some for drop spreading. If you always wanted to use one vehicle to do both jobs, Sno-Way created your solution by creating a simple hood to convert their broadcast spreader into a drop spreader.

The accessory to change these spreaders to a drop spread pattern costs you peanuts compared to buying a second spreader, so it is definitely worth checking out. 

Sno-Way Drop Spreader Hood Video

Watch Tom Brewer from Sno-Way explain why they created this innovative and simple solution for clients clearing sidewalks and how it works.

You can learn more about the Sno-Way Drop Spreader hood attachment for UTV spreaders here.

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