Hurricane Delta Update & Snow Coming! See Where!

10/8/2020 Weather Maps

The big news this week is Hurricane Delta blasting Louisiana and the Northern Gulf Coast once again before they even had a chance to recover from Hurricane Laura. Hitting land will weaken Delta, but we’re still expecting 70-90 mph winds as it hits the shore as a Category 3 hurricane. The Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes are the other areas to watch this week as a super cold front dips down from Canada and brings the potential for snow!

This weekend kicks off with Hurricane Delta bringing tons of precipitation after it hits land but the winds will slow down drastically. There will be heavy rainfall, especially through all of Louisiana and most of Arkansas and Mississippi causing widespread flooding. As it journeys north, it will break apart and bring moderate to briefly heavy rains to those areas. Aside from the hardest hits states, most areas in the Southeast will only see 2-3 inches.

10/9/2020 SE USA Rain Totals

Snow on the way for Pacific Northwest

This week the cold air gets serious as it moves through parts of Canada and down into the Pacific Northwest. It is expected to bring some snow to the Rockies over the next week or so and it may start to pile up in Canada. Welcome back, Winter! This is a typical pattern that’s expected to occur throughout Winter 2020-2021. The jet stream is expected to be highly active, causing waves of troughing and ridging bringing the cold Canadian air down. The action starts late next week with a major trough of low pressure dropping temperatures down into the 20s and 30s around the Great Lakes. Time to get out your gloves and winter jackets! We might even see some snowflakes in that area of the country!

Upcoming October Temperatures

Neoweather takes a look at the expected temperatures across the U.S. for the next few weeks in October. While it’s expected to be way colder than average next week, that pattern doesn’t stick around, and just slightly below temperatures are expected overall for the middle of the country and warmer than average temps are actually expected for New England and the Rockies. Unfortunately, the West will continue to be well above average and dry. California was forecasted to get some significant rain at once point, but sadly that’s probably not going to happen, so hang in there if you’re out that way!

October 9-23 Temperature Map

10/9/2020 Weather Forecast Video

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