10/28/20 Forecast: More Early Snow is Coming!

10/28/20 Temperature Weather Map from Neoweather

Weather forecast shows lots of variation this week

The temperature map is a rainbow of colors this week with both higher and lower than average temperatures. Texas is the most interesting with temps ranging from the 20s to the 90s all in one day! Aside from big temperature swings, Neoweather expects to see Hurricane Zeta cause flooding and more early snow will round out the week.

This week kicked off with major cold coming down from Southwest Canada into the Northern Plains and the Rockies. Temps in these areas were 30-40 degrees below average. Freezing rain accompanied these temps and did widespread damage to trees and power lines in Oklahoma and Texas. Today we’re expecting some snow in those areas as well. Hello Winter 2020, you have our attention!

Map of Hurricane Zeta precipitation

Hurricane Zeta & Flooding

As hurricane Zeta hits landfall in the heavily bruised New Orleans area, it will again bring heavy rains to the already-saturated region. From Wednesday to Friday, the system will move northeast through the Ohio Valley causing a good risk for flooding. By the time it hits New England on Friday it will collide with cold air and have a decent risk of snow forming. 

Map of Hurricane Zeta flash flood risk

By this weekend, remnants of Hurricane Zeta will be off the coast and no longer dumping rain on the U.S. Friday and Saturday is pretty quiet across most of the country aside from rain in Florida. Then Sunday the next system develops and comes down from Canada into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions. It’s expected to bring more cold and some decent snow to those areas and into New England before it dissipates. Check out the map below showing one model’s forecast where snowfall is expected to be up to 8-9 inches in isolated areas. Most areas are only expected to get a couple inches depending on temperatures.

Monday, November 2, 2020 Snow Forecast Map

11/2/20 Weather Forecast Map showing snow

The temperature anomalies for October 27 – November 10, 2020 are expected to be above average temps on the Pacific Coast and Southeast. The middle of the country and Northeast are expected to be below average.

10/28/2020 Weather Forecast Video

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