Is it Late Fall?? Sure Feels Like it this Week!

Neoweather has analyzed the forecast again this week for our snow contractor readers and looks like another active week for parts of the country. However, it’s the East that sees most of the action this week. And even though it’s unseasonably cool in many areas, it’s just multiple rainy systems moving through – no snow expected this week.

10/1/2020 Weather Map showing cool temps dipping down from Canada
10/1/2020 Weather Map showing cool temps dipping down from Canada

The Canadian air is much cooler than normal for this early in the fall already. That air is expected to dip down into the Great Lakes and New England early this week. The rest of the country is covered with a high-pressure system that is keeping it dry with warmer temperatures. That system is expected to move east and help warm up the rest of the country.

Once the high-pressure system moves east this week, Neoweather if forecasting warmer than average temperatures from coast to coast starting October 8th. The highest temps will be in the heart of the country surrounding Nebraska and neighboring states.

Heat in the Heart of our Country this week

2020-2021 Winter Long Range Forecast Update

Neoweather has a few teasers to their long-range winter forecast this week too. Next week they take a deep dive into this winter’s forecast, but for now Brian Ivey says there is an average jet stream track going through the middle of the country. That may allow for some cold air to push down from Canada often this season – BUT there may be something stopping that from happening! To find out for sure, check out our blog next week when Brian goes into all the details of the long-range winter forecast as well as WHY he’s forecasting those details.

Kick back and watch this week’s forecast video:

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