New Modular Designed Combi Spreaders From Hilltip

Snow Plow News talks with Craig Sandman, the Hilltip North American Sales Manager about the new AM series modular design combi spreaders.

August 17, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The new Hilltip modular design combi spreaders incorporate both liquid and bulk capacities together with the Hilltip patented H-Track GPS tracking and control system and Strike Smart Control interface. Users can expect an increase in time and material efficiencies. These new machines are 35-40 percent more capable than conventional machines in the U.S. market, which allows less labor commitment and a higher levels of return on investment for materials. The Hilltip control systems help users optimize their stops between trips, so they’re not using as much material, which translates to higher profits.

Hilltip is intrinsically more efficient, simply because of the high level of technological innovation in their machines. Hilltip is using an adaptive control interface, with a web-based portal and utilizing advanced electronic components in an integrated system that allows users to calibrate machines, apply application metrics and have those machines adhere to those metrics to the benefit of the user. The Hilltip machines are capable of performing a task once they arrive on site, without operator involvement, so that level of engineering and technological innovations in these machines allows more versatility and eliminates the threat of things happening in a negative way, because it takes the operator out of the equation.

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