Hilltip Delivers Data for Contractor Success

Craig Sandman from Hilltip Corporation explains how the Hilltip equipment provides contractors with the data to become more profitable and efficient.

March 8, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

If you ask a lot of contractors what is at the top of their wish list, you’ll find many in snow and ice control want to know objective information like, how much, how long and how far. Hilltip offers a system that is able to provide this information, so many contractors are starting to use Hilltip products compared to a lot of domestic competitors. Hilltip’s HTrack system provides users with flexibility and real-time control that allow them to respond to changing weather events. The HTrack system makes quoting sharper, because you know how big these lots you’re going to treat are and how much materials are required. The machine helps contractors to optimize stops, so you can do more with less and over a season, start saving on fuel, tires and brakes. The primary benefit of Hilltip equipment is the ultimate return on investment season over season. One thing that most business decisions and most business owners want is objective information to base profitable business decisions upon.

HTrack System Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Track your devices in real-time or between specific time intervals:
  • Show treatment route on map
  • Show spreading route detials such as speed, GPS location and material used
  • Show one, multiple of all of your connected spreaders
  • Download session reports
  • You can preset desired application rate for all your spreaders for specific work sites.
  • HTrack pre-calculate you salt used/call-out.
  • HTrack automatically recognizes when spreader reaching a pre-setted work site.
  • You can change application rate on hundreds of spreaders in a few seconds!
  • All tracking data is collected under specific work sites, for easy reporting.
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