Altoz Adds New Attachments for Winter Tasks

Altoz, a prominent name in commercial outdoor power equipment, has expanded its range of attachments and accessories for the Altoz Switch Compact Tool Carrier. This development is poised to enhance the versatility and efficiency of snow and ice management operations.

June 26, 2024 | Staff Editor 

Expanding Versatility with New Attachments

Altoz has introduced a new lineup of attachments for the Switch Compact Tool Carrier, including a material pusher, material bucket, spray tank with chemical and brine booms, an all-weather cab and a strobe light kit. These additions aim to address a wide variety of outdoor tasks, making the Switch an invaluable asset for snow and ice management professionals.

Material Pusher: Precision and Efficiency

The 44″ Material Pusher is designed for maneuverability in narrow spaces, featuring dual cutting edges, adjustable shoes, and a hydraulic-controlled lift and tilt system. The proportional switch allows for precise height adjustments or down pressure application for effective scraping. The float control ensures that the pusher follows ground contours perfectly, and its 90-degree rotation feature allows for easy transitions between pushing and pulling material. This versatility makes the material pusher ideal for clearing snow.

Material Bucket: Robust and Reliable

The 44″ Material Bucket can handle a range of materials, from snow and mulch to light aggregate and fertilizer. Its hydraulic lift and tilt, combined with a 4 cubic foot capacity, make it highly maneuverable in confined spaces. The heavy-duty, hardened steel cutting edge ensures durability and reduced wear over time. The bucket’s hydraulic lift arm, controlled by a proportional switch, allows for precise height and angle adjustments or down pressure for scraping, while the float control helps the bucket follow ground contours seamlessly.

Spray Tank with Brine and Chemical Booms: Enhanced Coverage

The 25-gallon Spray Tank, equipped with a 4 gpm pump, comes with a handheld wand kit and can also be used with optional spray booms. The 4 ft. wide Brine Spray Boom is perfect for small spaces and sidewalk applications, ideal for applying liquid brine for de-icing and anti-icing. For larger areas, the 8 ft. wide Chemical Spray Boom efficiently applies pesticides, herbicides, and liquid fertilizers, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness.

All-Weather Cab: Operator Comfort and Safety

The All-Weather Cab for the Switch Compact Tool Carrier provides protection from the elements, keeping the operator dry and comfortable even in harsh conditions. The enclosure offers enhanced 360-degree visibility, and installation and removal are quick and easy.

Strobe Light Kit: Improved Visibility

The Strobe Light Kit is designed to enhance safety and visibility in any working environment. The attention-grabbing strobe lights ensure visibility in low-light conditions, making it a crucial addition for nighttime operations.


About Altoz

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