How RAM Makes the Lives of Contractors Easier

Snow Plow News talks to Dave Sowers, Head of RAM Commercial Marketing about how RAM is focused on incorporating technology and design to provide snow and ice contractors with a superior truck.

September 27, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Technology is becoming a larger part of the truck platform, RAM is focused on not leaving snowplow contractors behind. Ram builds in plowing capability from the beginning by building a chassis, frame, and suspension that is tough enough to carry a plow and take a beating. They also build the transmissions to endure heavy cycling from drive to reverse, and they build trucks with the electronics configured upfront for plow attachments. In fact, all Ram heavy-duty trucks have many of those features built-in as a standard. RAM is concerned with providing the end user with all the functionality they need from their truck while they’re plowing and it starts with the initial upfit and installation process.

RAM makes sure that initial plow installation is easy and seamless on their trucks. RAM has wiring connections for the plows and software that recognizes the plow that is connected. They provided pass-through wires through the bulkhead, so there’s no need to drill through the bulkhead or running wires through a grommet. RAM has several trucks that can be utilized for snow and ice applications, whether it be a light duty truck or chassis cab. Contractors want to feel comfortable regardless of which RAM product they are using to attach a plow, as well as moving a plow from one vehicle to another.

RAM works closely with the Snowplow Forum with the National Truck Equipment Association to make sure that they are implementing things that contractors expect. Feedback from these individuals is valuable in terms of how to provide customers with a superior plow truck and features to help them in their snow business.

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