RAM Makes a Smarter Truck that Allows for the Intelligent Use of Plows

Snow Plow News talks with Dave Sowers, Head of RAM Commercial Marketing about how RAM is producing smarter trucks for the use of plows.

August 23, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

RAM Trucks hasn’t made any big changes to their plow prep packages because they are in a pretty good place by all standards. However, RAM has announced their light duty snow plow prep package, which brought some of their best practices from the heavy duty truck. Features such as the wiring prep and being able to handle the front end lighting and also being able to manage the vehicle safety systems, like the front park assist have been introduced to the light duty truck. RAM has brought most of the heavy duty features to light duty trucks and made it available on some packages where the GVW of the vehicle allowed. RAM believes that they are in a unique position in being able to offer these features in a light duty packages and making that snow plow installation and operation very seamless.

Advanced safety features are becoming more prevalent on both light duty and heavy duty trucks and the ability for the truck to manage that with a plow attached is a big deal, regardless of the size of the plow job. Now you can have the safety features you need for the balance of the year when the plow is not installed. Then when you plug in a plow, the truck recognizes the plow on the front and it changes the behavior of the truck. This feature applies the RAM innovation and really makes a difference to the end user.

Learn more about RAM Trucks and plow prep packages by visiting ramtrucks.com.

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