RAM is the Best Brand for Snowplows, Regardless of GVW

Why is RAM the best brand for snowplows? Snow Plow News hits on a few of the reasons RAM is the truck for all your snow needs.

June 22, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Snow Plow News talks with Dave Sowers, Head of RAM Commercial Marketing to find out why RAM is becoming a front runner for the best trucks for snowplows.


RAM Trucks is now offering a wide range of GVW vehicles that are compatible with snow plows, starting with their half ton truck and goes up through their heavy duty 2500, 3500 and larger truck options, as well as chassis cab trucks.


RAM Trucks is making sure they have physical attachment points and can provide an upfitter with the directions on how to install plows, but also works with plow manufacturers to ensure they are not changing things in a way that makes it hard for them to design plows.


RAM Trucks is also adapting their electrical components to bring value to the consumer by making it easy for them, and making sure they are not turning on warning lights, check engine lights or causing other drivability issues. When designing trucks and making changes, RAM always keeps in mind that the electrical adaptations need to make sense regardless of GVW, whether it’s light duty, the whole way through 19,500 pounds of 5500 chassis cabin trucks.

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