Sno-Way Intl. keeps at it every year with introducing a lot of innovations to our industry, and we get to share with you an ingenious design trick they implemented to instantly convert a mounted UTV broadcast spreader into a drop spreader. This feature is really great for buildings and grounds folks where they have a lot of sidewalks, especially properties that have both broad and standard paved foot-paths. You can use the UTV to broadcast spread on a wide foot-path … Read more Sno-Way RVB Drop Spreader

Highlights: Western Products unveiled its new Nighthawk LED headlamps with its EdgeView Technology at the 2019 NTEA Work Truck Show. The LED headlamps feature side lamps that direct light through the outer edge of each headlamp to provide a full 180 degrees of light visibility from plow edge to plow edge—as well as a heating system to keep ice and snow off. Nighthawk LED headlamps will be offered as a new headlamp option for Western truck plows 2008 or newer. Western Products, unveiled … Read more Western Products Unveils New Nighthawk LED Headlamps With EdgeView Technology

Winter® Equipment is proud to present the Pusher Box Shoe system. System includes everything for a blade change in an easy to manage crate.

Virtually Indestructible Plow Markers that get you through even the toughest storms!

Winter® Equipment is proud to present the WinterFlex® rubber blade system. System includes everything for a blade change in an easy to manage crate.

Winter Equipment, an established leader in premium cutting edges and innovative wear parts for the snow removal and road maintenance equipment industry, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019. Winter Equipment was founded in 1989 by Kent Winter, who began his career in the welding industry. Bringing his engineering background and industrial welding knowledge, Winter took a bold leap into entrepreneurship when he started the company in his garage. Using popsicle sticks, he built his original idea for PlowGuard and … Read more Winter Equipment Hits 30

SnowEx has been awarded a four-year national cooperative contract through Sourcewell (formerly NJPA). This will allow public purchasing agents in the United States and Canada eliminating the bidding process to purchase SnowEx’s snow and ice management equipment because Sourcewell has taken care of the bidding for them. SnowEx said,“We offer many innovative snow and ice management solutions that are ideal for government buyers, including a full line of snowplows, spreaders and liquid spray systems. Now they can be more easily … Read more SnowEx Announces Contract with Sourcewell

SnowEx has announced Tracey Fischer-Gaetz as its new sales manager. In her new position, Fischer-Gaetz will be responsible for overseeing all sales activities within the SnowEx brand. Another large part of her role will be overseeing the regional sales mangers. As SnowEx continues to be a leader in snow and ice management, her leadership will be needed to keep up with the ever-changing industry. “It’s a great time to join the SnowEx team,” said Fischer-Gaetz. “I’m excited to be part … Read more SnowEx Names New Sales Manager

Here is a recap of some of the most significant winter storms in the United States during 2018. January 3-5 – Eastern US storm pummeled the northeastern states With snow up to 22 inches in Maine and wind gust up to 76 MPH in Massachusetts, this storm threw a mighty punch to welcome in the new year! January 12-13, 2018 – Winter Storm dumps up to 14 inches of snow in Tennessee and Ohio Valleys to Lower Great Lakes and New … Read more Biggest Winter Storms of 2018

Snow accumulation amounts in Pennsylvania are being adjusted. This comes several months after Erie received what they thought was the largest snowfall in state history. The National Weather Service out of Cleveland looked into the extreme weather event further and discovered a large discrepancy. There were significant snow amount differences between the official totals at Erie International Airport compared to other snow spotters just a few miles away. A State Climate Extremes Committee was formed and double-checked the snow accumulation … Read more Record SnowFall… Gone?