Customers and contractors asked and Sno-Way listened. The demand for a competitively priced V-box was high. Sno-Way wants their customers to have exactly what they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a variety of models within the series, the new Revolutionary V-Box is priced right, just for you. We know you have a range of materials to spread – bulk salt, wet or dry, sand, pea gravel, you name it, we know the RVB, or Revolutionary … Read more Revolutionary V-Box Spreader or RVB, Built by Demand

Buyers has made a great plow even better with a new jack switch that is able to get you out on the road and plowing in less time. SnowDogg plows have been clearing the white stuff for over a decade now. Known for innovative features, Buyers has continued that tradition with their improvements to the 2018 VXFII Snow Plow. Using input from users like you, they are always finding ways to make your job easier – which gets you more … Read more Buyers Snowdogg VXFII – Revamped for 2018

Ford always has been at the forefront of final stage installed equipment, and that is no different for its latest spreader and snow plow assemblies that use a programmable upfitter interface module. The upfitter interface module is a factory-installed option that gives end-users “smart” logic controls that can affect the auger, spreader and the snow plow. Ford has various speeds of spreaders on the market presently, and with the upfitter interface module, the company can tie the speed of the … Read more Ford Programmable Upfitter Interface Module ‘Critical’ to Industry

Western Plows is constantly innovating, whether that means making improvements to its existing product line or creating new items. Most recently, the company unveiled its Wide-out and Wide-out XL adjustable wing snow plows. These plows represent Western Plows’ entrance into the heavy contractor segment. For the Wide-out line, Western Plows heightened the moldboard from 29 to 31 inches – the company’s tallest winged plows – and a 14-gauge steel moldboard comes standard with a ½-inch, high-carbon steel cutting edge on … Read more Western Plows Launches Wide-out Product Line for Heavy Contractors

Mouse over the image to see 4-Sight in action! New Accessory Turns Your Truck Lights On When Your Plow Blade is Down. We don’t know why no one thought of this sooner, but Sno-Way has added to their accessory line-up a simple harness that doubles your lighting.  Called 4-Sight™, the new technology allows you to have four headlights on instead of two every time your plow blade is down. The normal setup with a plow basically turns off your truck’s … Read more Cheap Way to Double your Light While Plowing at Night

For much of the United States winter has been full of surprises – southern snow, arctic cold, very mild weather. There hasn’t been much weather we have missed this winter. The good news: we have avoided major catastrophes like floods, ice storms, multiple major winter storms and severe weather, so far. Winter Review Breaking down the United States into three areas – East, Midwest and West – let’s quickly look at what meteorological winter (December 1 to February 28) has … Read more Late February Early March Weather Outlook – 2018

Snow fighters get too little attention, so we were pleased to see a recent book written dedicated to the hard-working folks that keep the streets and walkways safe. In the tradition of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, we now have Small Walt.  Small Walt is a UTV who tackles a blizzard just as well as all the heavy trucks can! Technical Specs: Name: Small Walt Vehicle Type: UTV Plow Type: V-Plow Salt Spreader Type: Custom made under tailgate spreader … Read more Small Walt – About Time There Was A Book About Us Again

Snow is on the way this week – Lake effect will start churning and the East is in for a treat!

Highlights for this week include tapering lake effect snows, cold and decent travel days for Thanksgiving – Watch to get the details!  

Meteorologists Brian Ivy, Robert Carroll, and Mark Spencer sit down and bring us a preview of the 2017-2018 Winter forecast.  Take a look at what the weather will dish out in North America this season! A Summary of the Forecast A weaker La Nina will allow for higher pressure to bring in cooler temperatures from Canada while a Pacific jet stream will bring moisture off of the ocean.  Those two conditions should collide and create wet conditions in the Pacific … Read more 2017-2018 Long Range Winter Forecast