Looking to buy late model snow removal equipment? Then check this out! Lyon Alex & Son is holding an auction with all kinds of snow fighting equipment including things like late model rubber tired loaders, salt/sander trucks, skid steers, hydraulic excavators, trucks, trailers, support equipment, and more! Call Chad at 262-903-6269 with questions. WHEN: Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 9:30am WHERE: 16W179 Jeans Road, Lemont (Chicago), IL 60439 (click for map) Snow Equipment Auction Highlights: 18 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS 11 … Read more Snow Equipment Auction on Oct. 12th in Illinois

It’s truly a week of mischief in the weather world this week. The United States weather forecast includes tropical storms, wind, rain, heat and you guessed it – even some snow! Watch for all the details! This week brings a new tropical storm into the U.S named Imelda. It is just entering the Houston area and dropping significant amounts of rain. Hurricane Humberto is still on the outskirts of the east coast, but not close to land so the coast … Read more Wind, heat, rain and SNOW this week – Plower Forecast 9.17.19

The NTEA will welcome Nikki Haley to be one of it keynote speakers during its annual meeting that overlaps with the NTEA Work Truck Show.  Joining the NTEA annual meeting in Indianapolis on March 5th, 2020, at the NTEA Annual Meeting, Haley will be sharing through a moderated conversation with the audience. Starting in the business world at the age of thirteen taking care of bookwork for her parents’ clothing store, Haley switched over to politics in 2004 at the … Read more NTEA Welcomes Nikki Haley

Brisk, Polar, Cold, Frosty, Freezing, Icy, Subzero, Bitter, Glacial, Siberian Winter Hype. Sometimes these terms are thrown around by The Farmers Almanac and Old Farmers Almanac. Their job is to sell copies and that can come at a price for accuracy.  The Farmers Almanac is calling for a very cold winter this coming year across almost all of the United States. They mention a “Polar Coaster” of brisk conditions in some areas. Frequent bouts of Canadian air will slide into … Read more Review of Farmers Almanac Winter Weather Forecast

ASV Holdings Inc. introduced their new compact RT-50 Posi-Track loader this week and it should be ready to ship spring of 2020.  This new track loader is meant to complete their lineup, filling in the gap between their RT-40 and RT-65 track loaders.  One highlight of the RT-50 is it can carry more weight (1400 pounds operating capacity) than tractors similar in size among its competition (often only 1000 pounds operating capacity).  That extra 40% carry capacity means you can … Read more ASV Introduces its RT-50 Posi-Track Loader

Will Fries at Xtreme Fab shows off a small sample of lights you can get from Buyers Products. To keep people safe, most snow contractors install amber lights so people can easily see where you are at work.  And where is a good place to find amber lights for safety? If you go to the lights page on the Buyers Products website, you are going to find over 100 different options for various lighting needs.  You will find DOT lights, … Read more Buyers Products has an “Insane Selection of Lights”

Snow Plow News is not only the leading digital news source for the Snow and Ice Industry, we also offer research tools no one else has. One of our most popular tools is a snow plow comparison that works across brands.  Sure, some of the manufacturers have a plow comparison for their own plows, but there is no where else that you can get a comparison between a Western, Fisher, and Boss plow on a single screen in front of … Read more Why is Snow Plow News the Place for Your Snow Plow Research?

It’s Labor Day, and that means, its time for you to order your equipment. Why is September the right time of year to order your equipment? Most of your season contracts should be signed by now, or if not signed, you should know pretty well by now who will sign. With an estimated amount of business, you can review your equipment list and determine what needs to be replaced and what you need to add to your line-up. It’s a … Read more Labor Day = Order Your Snow & Ice Removal Equipment

We met up with Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way Intl., at the SIMA show to hear more about the Sno-Way UTV spreaders.  Watch the video to hear what Wendorff has to say. Sno-Way has been manufacturing snow and ice removal products for UTVs for several years now, and one of the things they ensure is versatility so their spreaders can handle as many situations as possible.  Their RVB spreaders already spread anything that can be spread on ice without getting … Read more Sno-Way UTV V-Box Spreader

SIMA has one of the best shows for snow and ice equipment plus all the other snow fighting tools to keep costs down and make more money.  Just listen to what the Dirt Monkey has to say. All the latest innovation is at the SIMA show, and you can easily walk around and compare products from different vendors.  With the big OEMs, the small niche companies, and all the other companies in-between at the SIMA show, there is very little … Read more 2nd Chance to See the SIMA Show?