If you are in the Upper Midwest, Kansas City region, or around the Gulf of Mexico, you are going to want to pay extra close attention to the weather this week. Storms are coming and some might be a bit concerning. See Brian Ivey’s forecast and a sneak peek at Summer 2020 expectations below. Today or tomorrow there is a risk of threatening weather in the Upper Midwest region including the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and the … Read more This Week’s Weather & Summer Forecast Preview

The heat continues from coast to coast early this week, with well above averages across the country until Thursday. Then some rain sweeps through the east Thursday and Friday. The weekend brings lots of sunshine, but we expect to see much cooler temperatures over the weekend. See all the details from Brian Ivey at Neoweather below! The unseasonably warm weather continues through today and into tomorrow across nearly every state in the Continental United States. Some areas are seeing well … Read more Weather Battle Royale: Spring vs. Summer

Get ready to watch the grass grow to new heights this week when most of the country welcomes bucket loads of rain and unseasonably warm weather. This week starts off with significant bouts of moisture coming up from the gulf running along the eastern portions of the country. Tropical Storm Arthur prevents that system from moving out to sea, so it hangs around dropping lots of rain and causing some flooding in the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. Indiana, Illinois, and … Read more Widespread Rain Douses Most of the Country – See Details!

After record-breaking snow last weekend, it looks like we’re finally in store for a weather pattern change this week as May wraps up and winter may become a memory. We expect to see lots of rain and moisture, but nothing too serious as most of the country slips into slightly above average temperatures (with the exception of the North Dakotas region). This week still starts out chilly for the upper Midwest and Northeast. The nights are especially cold with lows … Read more Is Winter Finally Over? See for Yourself!

The calendar might say May, but Mother Nature is still serving up cold temps and even snow in the Midwest and parts of the Northeast! Did she not get the memo?? While the temps are warm out West and in the South, there are big dips in the jet stream up North that are bringing in some very cold winter air down from Canada. See what Brian Ivey (with his ever-growing quarantine hair) has to say about the weather this … Read more May Snow & Cold Could Break Records!

We might be shut-in and still not doing much this week, but the weather pattern is active and on the move! This week is expected to bring severe thunderstorms, widespread flooding, and even some more snow. See where all the rain is happening this week in Brian Ivey’s weekly weather forecast below. Today starts us off with a good amount of rain and scattered storms in the Ark-La-Tex region. That system will move east and slightly north saturating Georgia, the … Read more Another Wet Week – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

After a crazy few days in the South of tornados and terrible winds, things will calm down at least for most of the week until more rain hits those areas. What’s happening up north? Cold weather continues and more snow is expected in the Midwest on Friday. This week starts off with a little rain scattered across the eastern half of the country that is really just a nuisance, nothing significant in the way of storms or snow. The cold … Read more Cold and Snow Continues This Week. See Where!

There are lots of blue spots on the weather map this week as we see a major cool down with some potential for legit snow in several areas. In fact, the next two weeks are expected to be below average temps in most of the country. Check out when and where below! This week kicked off with a major storm system in Indiana that moved across Kentucky and eastward with damaging winds and large hail. Showers from that front move … Read more Welcome Back Cold – Snow Coming This Week!

While we’ve seen lots of spring-like weather lately, it looks like winter isn’t over quite yet. This week kicks off with lots of additional rain in the Southeast (even up to 6 inches!) and storms. Then later in the week a decent sized snow event bursts out of the Rockies and moves across the country turning to rain eventually as it hits well above average temps. This week starts off with loads of rain in the Ohio, Tennessee and Dixie … Read more April Showers… And SNOW This Week! See Where!

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