Upgraded Fisher StormBoxx with Trace Edge Technology

Fisher’s latest innovation, the StormBoxx with Trace Edge technology, represents a significant leap forward. This all-new product offers a completely different construction from previous generations, enabling a host of new features designed to enhance efficiency and performance.

June 26, 2024 | Staff Editor 

Key Improvements and Features

One of the standout improvements is the sectional cutting edge, which can trip, oscillate, and move vertically to maintain consistent ground contact. This innovation ensures a cleaner scrape, making the plowing process more efficient. Additionally, the new StormBoxx features a floating coupler and floating skis on the sides, further optimizing ground contact and overall performance.

Efficiency and Performance Goals

“Our goal with the new StormBoxx was to help contractors become more efficient,” a Fisher spokesperson explained. “We wanted them to work faster, more effectively, and cover more properties in less time.”

Heritage and Simplicity

Despite being a brand-new product, the StormBoxx with Trace Edge technology benefits from Fisher’s 75 years of product development experience. Customers will notice the plow’s ability to achieve a clean scrape and appreciate the simplicity of its design. Fisher’s engineers have  crafted the plow to incorporate numerous advanced features while ensuring it remains easy to maintain and service. Replacement components and maintenance items are readily accessible, reflecting Fisher’s commitment to user-friendly design.

The updated Fisher StormBoxx with Trace Edge technology is poised to revolutionize snow plowing and pushing, offering contractors a powerful tool to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

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