Why BOSS is the Best for Contractors and Municipalities

Rick Knuth, Product Manager at BOSS, shares with Snow Plow News what makes BOSS products the best for contractors and municipalities.

July 26, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

BOSS has done an excellent job of building their brand. Anyone can sell product, but it’s how you take care of people afterwards that really matters and BOSS takes the sentiment to heart. BOSS does its due diligence and research before signing a new dealer to make sure they will take care of the customer to the BOSS expectations after selling a product.

When you buy from a BOSS Dealer, you get more than a quality piece of equipment, you get a trusted resource for parts, service and advice. BOSS promises that they will always be there to back you up, whether you are out on the winter roads, over the phone, or at the counter of the dealership, you are more than a customer- you are a member of the BOSS family.

BOSS has fleet programs for the large fleets to make it attractive to buy BOSS products. BOSS also has a large network of dealers that can service them if and when they need service. Reliability is huge, not every dealer is open at 3 a.m., so the customer needs to know that they have a product that isn’t going to break down. BOSS never stops pushing their designs, engineering and innovations to help make their customers job easier and more productive. BOSS depends on their design and reliability to give customers a peace of mind that their products is going to perform when they need it to perform.

To learn more about BOSS or to find a dealer, visit bossplow.com.

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