Dominate De-Icing Jobs with the Western UTV Drop Spreader

Need to make quick work of de-icing sidewalks without large equipment? Dominate your small de-icing jobs with the drop spreader for UTVs from Western Products.

March 14, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Western UTV Drop Spreaders are specialized equipment used for spreading salt, sand, or other materials on roads and sidewalks. The UTV Drop Spreader is designed to be mounted on the back of a UTV and can be operated using a controller from the driver’s seat.

“These new products for mid-duty UTVs and tractors are something we’ve been excited to share with our fleet owners for a long time,” said Tyler Jones, Product Manager of Non-Truck Snow & Ice Control Products for Western Products. “UTVs are agile and less expensive than other snow & ice service vehicles. When equipped with purpose-built products, UTVs can dominate sidewalk work and keep crews warm, safe, and inside a protected environment.”

The 2.5 cu ft and 6.0 cu ft drop spreaders are constructed with high-strength rivets, making them built to last—provide a spread width of 30″, 33″, or 36″  in a drop pattern, so the salt stays precisely where the vehicle drives. The stainless steel drop spreaders come standard with three mounting systems to fit most UTVs, compact tractors, or wheel loaders. They are designed to make quick work of sidewalks, walking paths and other paved surfaces where truck equipment can’t easily gain access. Variable-speed control allows the operator to precisely match the material delivery rate to the conditions. The free-flowing material delivery system ensures a consistent amount of material flows into the spreader trough. Once the job is complete, the entire trough drops open for fast and easy material clean-out.

Top Screen & Bag Splitter

A stainless steel hatch screen helps break up de-icing material to prevent bridging and clogs during operation. A hinged bag splitter that easily pulls up to open bagged rock salt for easy loading. When not in use, the bag splitter can be folded down and out of the way.

Fitted Lid with Rubber Straps

The salt is protected by a custom-molded polyethylene lid that is secured by rubber straps.

Free-Flowing Material Delivery System

The material delivery system has finger-like appendages that agitate the surrounding material with every revolution. This ensures a consistent amount of material flows into the spreader trough and, at the same time, keeps it from bridging.

Easy-to-Activate Baffles

A 36″ spread width makes applications on sidewalks and walking paths easy. The Western drop spreaders can treat these surfaces with one or two passes and limit damage to the grass or sensitive surfaces right next to the path. The spread width can be limited to 30″ by activating 3″ baffles on either side of the trough.

Easy Clean-Out

The entire trough drops open for easy and fast material clean-out when the job is done. This allows you to store any leftover de-icing material in a dry, weather-resistant container until you need it for the next job.

Variable-Speed Control

Match material delivery rate to the precise conditions with enhanced speed control with a single variable-speed control knob that controls material flow rate.

Construction Built to Last

The new Drop 250 and 600 are constructed of laser-cut stainless steel and high strength rivets. The oil filled poly bearings provide a long, maintenance-free service life.

Mounting Options

For maximum versatility, the drop spreaders come standard with three mounting options – 2” receiver hitch, 3-point mount, and in-bed mount for use on multiple vehicle types.


UTV Spreader Control Shield

Keep your UTV spreader control protected from the elements with the UTV Spreader Control Shield. A molded, plastic “visor” attaches to the top of the UTV spreader control to protect it from the rain or snow.

Control Cup Holder Mount

The Control Cup Holder Mount is functional and practical, and lets you secure your Western plow controls or your smartphone (not included) on a flexible gooseneck mount for optimal, customizable positioning. This compact, easy-to-install genuine Western accessory is designed to fit firmly into most size cup holders in your vehicle.

Spreader Control Adapter Plate for Cup Holder Mount

Gain the flexibility and easy installation benefits of the cup holder control mount with every spreader installation using the new Spreader Control Adapter Plate Kit. Kit contains a durable metal mounting plate and hardware. Cup Holder Mount not included.

Visit the Western website to learn more about the Drop 250 & 600 drop spreaders.

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