VSI Manufacturing the Finest Liquid De-Icing Equipment in the Industry

VSI strives for complete and total customer satisfaction, so they manufacture some of the finest liquid de-icing equipment in the industry.

April 25, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Voigt Smith Innovation is a liquid de-icing manufacturer that was acquired by Boss Snowplow, a leading manufacturer of snow and ice control equipment for the winter maintenance industry. The VSI line includes liquid de-icing solutions and pre-wetting agents that are designed to be used in conjunction with Boss Snowplow’s plows and spreaders.

VSI has become an expert in the industry by never taking “no” for an answer. They have the unique perspective of being a contractor that became a manufacturer of the products they use all winter. Only by repetitive testing and engineering and testing again do you become an expert.” says Publisher of Snow Plow News, Mike Stevens.

Boss Snowplow’s VSI line of products is formulated to be effective in a wide range of winter weather conditions, and is designed to provide fast and thorough coverage of roadways and other surfaces. The use of liquid de-icing solutions can help to reduce the amount of salt and other solid de-icing materials required for effective snow and ice removal, which can help to reduce environmental impact and save on costs.

The most important part of liquid de-icing is the science behind it. You have to understand how liquid works and why it works. VSI focuses on the education aspect of things, so the customer can undertand what’s the proper mixture to have for the right application rates. VSI tells contractors, municipalities and facility managers to make sure they have the right production equipment for salt brine and to make sure they’re mixing it to the proper salinity level. Once you have that, you can put it in your application equipment and the VSI equipment actually helps you dial in those application rates, so you’re not under applying, thus it not working or over applying, wasting product and money.

VSI by Boss Snowplow is a reliable and effective line of liquid de-icing products that can help to improve safety and efficiency in winter maintenance operations.

Want to know more about VSI by Boss Snowplow? Visit vsinnovation.com to learn more.

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