The VSI Technology Advantage

Snow Plow News talks with Adam Hansen with VSI about how operators have total control with the VSI Spray Control App.

May 31, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

The Legacy Series from VSI is the top of the line Liquid Deicing equipment. This series has been developed through years of research in the field to be efficient, reliable, and effective.

The VSI Legacy Series sprayers are Smart Connected, meaning you can control the sprayer from a smartphone or a tablet inside the cab of the truck. The Smart Connection means there is no wiring harness that goes from the sprayer to the truck battery and it is very easy to install and connect via Bluetooth through the VSI Spray Control App.

 The VSI Spray Control App gives you the ability to track jobs and make adjustments in real time depending on conditions. You can open and close boom sections, set your application rate, run work and strobe lights and your hose reel. You can also view job tracking, this allows you to end a job name an collect all the data from that job. You can view the amount of gallons going through the sprayer, the boom and the hose reel. The Smart Connection also gives you GPS coordinates of where that job was and start and stop times of the job. The data you can view is great for job tracking and cost tracking, but also can help in a liability situation if there were a slip and fall, you have this data to present to the customer.

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