The Trackless MT7 for Campus Maintenance – One Machine, 365-Day Campus Versatility

At, we understand the unique challenges faced by college and university campuses in maintaining their grounds throughout the year. The solution? Trackless Vehicles’ MT7, a versatile tractor unit that seamlessly combines power and utility. With over 30 attachments available, the MT7 is your year-round ally for campus maintenance, ensuring cleaner, safer, and more accessible college environments.

May 29, 2024 | Staff Editor

Enhanced Operator Comfort and Control

The cab of the Trackless MT7 is temperature-controlled, ensuring year-round comfort for the operator. The attachment controls are ergonomically designed, making operation intuitive and efficient.

Winter Maintenance Solutions

Plowing and De-Icing For winter sidewalk maintenance, Trackless offers a range of robust plow attachments:

-Heavy Duty Angle Plow
-Trip Edge Sidewalk Plow
-Five Position Plow (functions as an angle plow, v-plow, or scoop)
-Standard Fixed V-Plow

Operators can simultaneously plow and sand or salt the sidewalks. When snow isn’t too deep, an angle sweeper can be mounted on the front, allowing for concurrent sanding. For deeper snow, a ribbon-style sidewalk snowblower is more effective. Some universities opt to load trucks using a snowblower equipped with a truck-loading chute or a wider 75-inch ribbon snowblower with a telescopic truck loading chute, which extends higher for loading and lowers for transport.

Sweeping Solutions

Parking Lots and Leaf Collection Trackless offers front-mounted angle sweepers up to 8 feet wide, ideal for parking lot clean-up and fall leaf programs. Whether using the Trackless leaf loader or another collection method, these sweepers can also clear gravel off grass, saving many hours of manual labor. The 48-inch wide sidewalk pickup sweeper features a spray system to minimize dust while sweeping.

Spring and Summer Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining the vibrant green landscapes of college and university campuses demands specialized equipment. The Trackless Vehicles MT7, in tandem with our various mowing attachments, is an efficient tool for campus lawn maintenance, helping you achieve impeccable grounds.

Rotary Finishing Mower For extensive grassy areas, the Rotary Finishing Mower is an ideal choice:

  • Impeccable Grass Aesthetics: A neatly manicured campus exudes a welcoming atmosphere for students, faculty, and visitors alike. The Rotary Finishing Mower ensures a professional finish by evenly cutting the grass, resulting in a lawn that enhances the overall visual appeal of the campus.
  • Efficient Cutting and Trimming: With extensive grassy expanses to cover, efficiency is paramount. The Rotary Finishing Mower from Trackless Vehicles is engineered to swiftly and effectively handle large areas, minimizing maintenance time. Its wide cutting deck and powerful blades guarantee a uniform cut, ensuring a consistently groomed appearance across the entire campus.
  • Enhanced Grass Health and Growth: Beyond aesthetics, grass health is crucial. The mower’s design facilitates even distribution of clippings, acting as natural mulch that nourishes the soil, retains moisture, and fosters sustained grass health and growth.

Boom Flail Mower This robust attachment is perfect for those hard-to-reach mowing areas:

  • Optimal Visibility and Maneuverability: The front-mounted design provides better visibility and maneuverability.
  • Ease of Operation: Joystick controls simplify operation.
  • Extended Reach: With a horizontal reach of 13 ½ feet from the outside tire, it effectively manages ditches, steep inclines, and waters-edge areas.

Front Flail Mower Designed for tough terrains and heavy vegetation:

  • Safety Features: Enclosed mower housing and rubber safety skirts.
  • Uniform Cutting: Front-mounted attachment provides even cuts without turf damage.
  • Durability: Built to withstand rugged terrains with 33 easily resharpened flail blades.

Rotary Finishing Mower

Boom Flail Mower

Front Flail Mower

Fall Leaf Collection

Leaf Loader As fall sets in and the last grass cut is completed, campuses prepare for the challenge of leaf pickup. The Trackless leaf loader excels by not only picking up leaves but also mulching them simultaneously, streamlining the entire process.

Additional Versatility

Rear Attachments The MT7 can be ordered with an optional rear 540 RPM PTO and category 1 three-point hitch, allowing for the use of additional rear-mounted attachments, such as a rear three-point hitch flail or a rear rotary cutter.

Built to Be the Solution

The MT7 is engineered for everyone, boasting toughness, versatility, and functionality. From snow removal to lawn maintenance, this tractor is built to handle it all. Its wide array of attachments and ergonomic design ensure that it meets all campus maintenance needs efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Trackless Vehicles?

Trackless Vehicles has been a leader in the industry for over 50 years, providing innovative and reliable solutions for campus maintenance. The MT7’s versatility and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for year-round campus upkeep. Investing in a Trackless MT7 and its attachments is a smart decision for any campus, ensuring efficient and effective maintenance practices.

To learn more visit Trackless On Campus.

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