The Sno-Way 26R Revolution™ Series 2 Plow – A Versatile and Efficient Choice

Sno-Way’s Revolution™ Series snow plows, exemplified by the 26R Revolution™ Series 2, have redefined snow plowing with their powerful and versatile design. The patented hydraulic end wings enable precise snow placement control, effectively doubling the snow-moving capacity compared to competitors’ V-plows or expandable plows.

October 17, 2023 | Staff Editor

29HD Plow and Ford 350

Sno-Way’s Revolution™ Series snow plows have truly revolutionized the snow plowing industry with their exceptional power, versatility, and efficiency and the 26R Revolution™ Series 2 snow plow is no different. The 26R Revolution™ Series 2 snow plow features the unique, patented hydraulic end wings that offer simultaneous or independent control, allowing you to precisely direct snow placement as needed. Each wing can transition from a straight-out alignment to a 90-degree orientation with the main blade, essentially transforming into a box plow. With this innovative dual-hinge plow design, you can efficiently move up to 3.6 cubic yards of snow, which is twice the capacity of the nearest competing V-plow or expandable plow. In this article, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of these remarkable snow plows.

Powerful Half-Ton Plow

Sno-Way’s 26R Revolution™ Series 2 snow plow is designed for half-ton trucks, and it’s anything but light when it comes to snow clearing. With its high-strength steel construction, it can move more snow than a standard v-blade plow, making it the ideal choice for half-ton trucks. The patented Ground Hugger™ blade design and Down Pressure® hydraulic system ensure a clean, efficient plow even in heavy wet snow. Common half-ton truck applications are the 1500 Avalanche, F-150, Ram 1500, 1500 Sierra, 1500 Silverado, 1500 Suburban, 1500 Yukon, and Toyota Tundra.

Versatility and Control

What sets the Revolution™ Series apart is its versatility. The triple-axis design allows you to transform it into a box plow, scoop plow, expandable-wing, or a straight blade plow, offering you the utmost control for any snow clearing situation. It can adapt to narrow areas, drive-throughs, and more, thanks to its unique features.


Innovative Design

Sno-Way designed the Revolution™ Series by building upon the success of their popular straight-blade plows. These plows feature a Ground Hugger blade design that optimizes snow distribution and an aggressive 65-degree blade geometry to handle snow pressure effectively. The wings are wide, strong, and function independently with a patented Double Wing Mechanism. This design prevents snow from dropping back onto the pavement and enhances performance.

Efficiency with Down Pressure®

One of the standout features of Sno-Way’s snow plows is the patented Down Pressure® hydraulic system. This system increases plowing efficiency by 30 percent, ensuring a clean scrape while reducing the number of passes required. It also reduces stress on your truck’s front axle, minimizing wear and tear.

Integrated Lighting System

Every Sno-Way Revolution™ Series 2 snow plow comes equipped with an ESS LED thermosensitive plow lighting system, which connects directly to your vehicle’s lighting system. With normal and bright settings, these lights are designed for optimal visibility and functionality.

Innovative Options

Sno-Way doesn’t stop at just building impressive plows. They also offer innovative options to enhance your productivity. The Wireless ProControl™ 2 Plus allows you to control the plow without the need for additional wiring, making it convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, the E-Z Fit Snow Deflector, designed with enhanced curvature and superior impact resistance, is easy to install, as the plow already has pre-drilled holes.

The Sno-Way Revolution™ Series snow plows have transformed the snow plowing industry by combining power, versatility, and efficiency. Whether you’re a small contractor or part of a larger business, these plows have something to offer for everyone, making snow clearing easier and more effective than ever before. With innovative features and options, Sno-Way continues to lead the way in snow plow technology.

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