The MultiHog Machine is the Perfect Tool for Small Contractors

Snow Plow News talks with Michael Ferris with MultiHog about how their machine benefits small contractors throughout the year.

September 28, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

MultiHog is the manufacturer of multi-purpose equipment that can be used 365 days a year. MultiHog has four different models, the CV Sweeper, Compact Range, MX Turbo Range and MH Original. All of these machines are designed to be multi-purpose which makes a lot of sense for a small contractor, especially if they are interested in different areas of maintenance. 

MultiHog’s machines are designed to utilize different attachments to perform different jobs, whether it be a rotary cutter, heavy duty mulchers, snow plows or blowers. These machines also have a lot of space in the back for attachments such as salt spreaders, liquid de-icers and water tanks. MultiHog machines are endless with the duties they can perform because of their power and multitude of attachments.

Front Sweeper

The front sweeper comes with a water container for dust suppression and is also interchangeable with a snow brush, to us in both summer and winter months.

Leaf Blower

Powerful leaf blower, for vertical or horizontal use, with remote control 360° nozzle rotation.

Rotary Mower

The rotary mower is a heavy duty, gear-driven mower with a working width of 2.4 meters (95 in) – ideal for cutting large areas of grass.

Heavy Duty Mulcher

Ideal for municipalities, this high performance heavy duty mulcher provides fast removal of dense grass, bushes, brushwood, shrubbery, dead trees, etc.

De-Icing Sprayer

The de-icing sprayer is top-mounted on the rear of the Multihog tractor, and is ideal for distributing de-icing fluids.

Snow Plough

Hydraulic lift, tilt & angle snow plough. Available in various widths, with 30° swivel to each side. Spring-loaded breakaway and wear strip included (wear strip available in rubber, nylon or steel).

Snow Blower

2 stage heavy duty rotary snow blower for efficient snow clearing of up to 500 tonnes (550 US tons) per hour. Completely controlled from within the cabin, the chute also turns 240° to allow blowing on left & right.

Salt Spreader

Salt spreaders available in various capacities. The salt spreaders are also available with speed-sensing controller – ensuring waste reduction as spreading stops as soon as the tractor comes to a halt.

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