Sno-Way Revolution Plow Review

In this episode, Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks with Jeff Hess of Sno-Way International about their Revolution series plows.

Introduced a little over 6 years ago (as of this blog post), Sno-Way Intl. made a big splash when it introduced its Revolution series plows, the first plow with hydraulically activated wings. It is really the biggest innovation in plows since the V-Plow was introduced about a couple of decades ago.

The plow allows you to go from straight blade, to a windrow position (without the spill over on the wrong side, to a pusher plow at the touch of a button.

These plows also come with down pressure as a standard feature, putting increased pressure down on the blade edge for cleaner surfaces with both normal plowing and back dragging. The down pressure also moves more weight to your back wheels for greater control of the vehicle all adding up to plowing faster.

As Jeff said, “If the name of the game is moving more snow faster, nothing beats this plow.” Indeed, this Revolution plow can move over 6 cubic feet of snow in one pass when in a box position, way more snow moved than what you can with your average v-plow.

Sno-Way has upgraded their controllers as well, now releasing their “Pro Control 2.” Sno-Way has had wireless hand-held controllers for a while and Sno-Way has come a long way in perfecting these controllers as well as using new technology to their advantage. The new controllers are now more ergonomically friendly than ever before, but we also love how the new controller also can last up to three weeks on a single charge.

We also like how they have combined the easy to use plow controller with their receiver spreaders, so now you are not going back and forth between your plow and your spreader controller, you just have the one to work with.

We are glad to see what a great product the Revolution Series plow is for our industry. As manufacturers like Sno-Way continue to innovate and “revolutionize” our plows for efficiency, we will see continued growth in margins for the professional contractors.

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