Trecan Snowmelters – The Fastest way to Get Rid of Snow

Snow removal has never been more efficient and environmentally friendly.

March 26, 2024 | Staff Editor

Snow removal is a daunting task, especially in industrial settings like airports and parking structures. However, thanks to innovative technology like the Trecan Snowmelter, snow removal has never been more efficient and environmentally friendly. Let’s delve into how Trecan is changing the game in snow management.

Trecan, short for Thermal Research Engineering Canada, is a privately owned company based in Nova Scotia, with a rich history spanning over 40 years. Specializing in industrial snow melters, Trecan has over a thousand units in operation globally, exporting its cutting-edge technology to destinations around the world while remaining rooted in Eastern Canada.

Environmentally Conscious and Efficient

So, what makes the Trecan Snowmelter stand out from traditional snow removal methods? The answer lies in its speed, efficiency, and environmentally conscious design. Imagine an airport where keeping the gates open is crucial. The Trecan Snowmelter can melt an astounding 135 tons of snow per hour, equivalent to 25 tandem dump truck loads of snow disappearing every hour!

The secret behind Trecan’s efficiency is its submerged combustion technology. This process involves a hydraulic blower pushing large quantities of air over a burner, heating the air released underneath the surface of the water in the melting tank. When snow is added, it rapidly melts due to the warm water, creating a bubbling and churning action in the melting tank area. This mechanical agitation, powered by air, ensures thorough melting without any mechanical components prone to breaking.

Simple Design

What’s truly remarkable about Trecan’s design is its simplicity. With mechanical agitation achieved solely through air flow, there are minimal components that can malfunction, leading to reliable and consistent performance. Additionally, Trecan’s snowmelters are incredibly fuel-efficient, requiring just 1-2 gallons of diesel to melt one ton of snow. In today’s fast-paced environment, where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential, Trecan’s snowmelters offer the fastest and most economical solution for snow removal.

Contractors can benefit significantly from Trecan’s technology, especially with smaller units that can be used on top decks of parking structures. These units are compact, easy to transport, and efficient, allowing contractors to melt snow directly on-site without the need for repeated handling or transport.

Trecan Snowmelters represent a paradigm shift in snow removal, offering unmatched speed, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. As we continue to embrace innovative solutions, Trecan stands at the forefront, reshaping how we tackle winter’s challenges with ingenuity and effectiveness.

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