Winter Equipment Extends MōDUS® Product Offering

Winter Equipment has unveiled the MōDUS® system, a patented modular shoe system designed to significantly extend the lifespan of Metal Pless LiveBoxx snow pushers, fitting six models across Arctic®, Pro-Tech®, and Metal Pless LiveBoxx.

February 22, 2024 | Staff Editor

Winter Equipment introduces the patented MōDUS® modular shoe system for the Metal Pless LiveBoxx. Currently, the MōDUS system fits six models between Arctic®, Pro-Tech® snow pushers and Metal Pless LiveBoxx.

The MōDUS system has been designed to extend the life of Metal Pless LiveBoxx snow pushers and is the only replaceable solution on the market. The MōDUS system also lasts three-times longer than OEM shoes, providing users with a durable, long-lasting shoe.

Winter Equipment’s MōDUS fits 36″ or 42″ Metal Pless Liveboxx and is best used on concrete and asphalt surfaces. The MōDUS can survive rough terrain, irritating obstructions, and allows users to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and spend more time plowing.

The system begins with a pair of 20-percent thicker steel adapter plates, which are on both sides while showcasing the steel construction. The adapter plates lend extra support to the sidewalls, resisting damage from rough impacts and obstructions.

Each shoe is made from cast steel and the bottom contains four cavities filled with Winter’s Impervium® carbide weld for longer life and fewer change-outs. Impervium is an upgrade to Tungsten Carbide, providing the same strength while increasing impact resistance and wear life.

The modular wear pad design promotes quick, in-field equipment changes and considers different equipment operators’ tendencies to run nose down or heel down. The modular design is available and sold as individual pieces, which allows for parts to be individually replaced instead of purchasing a new system.

The flexible modular design also allows for parts to be switched from front to back or also the other side, if one side wears quicker.

Winter also offers non-marring shoes made from a specially formulated, durable polyurethane material. The MōDUS polyurethane pads offer superior performance and will perform remarkably without the fear of damaging sensitive or decorative road surfaces or ornamental pavers. Because they are modular, they are completely interchangeable with the cast steel pads so you can switch back and forth depending on the surface being plowed.

“Our modular design is currently the only one like it in the industry,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO, Winter Equipment. “The MōDUS system is a simple solution for contractors that pays for itself from its easy installation, flexibility and strength. With the MōDUS system lasting three-times longer than OEM shoes, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”

The system comes ready to mount, with all parts, hardware and installation directions in a single box. The system can be ordered through Winter’s distributor system.

About Winter Equipment
Winter Equipment, a leader in premium cutting edges and innovative wear parts for the snow removal and road maintenance equipment industry, has 30 years of experience in providing solutions to the industry. With 17 patents, Winter brings technology and engineering processes from other industries and combines them with the application and process know-how to create products that wear longer, reduce downtime and provide value with longer life.

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