Official Winter Forecast Update – December 2019 Long Range

Neoweather meteorologist Brian Ivey takes a look at what we’ve seen so far and an update on what’s expected for this December in 2019. The bottom line is lots of ups and downs with a cold finish. He expected it to be a more stable system of warmer weather, but December has proven to be very touch and go between warmer than average and colder than average temperatures across most of the country. The biggest take away for Brian’s long range forecast update may be that it looks like the brief tastes of warm weather in the typically colder areas of the country will be over at the end of the month. Bundle up my friends, January will be frigid.
December 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast Update

Early in the season, Brian and his Neoweather team saw many signs of a warmer than average December across the Central and Eastern parts of the country… while it hasn’t been consistently warmer, there have been lots of jumps and dips in the weather that alternate back and forth every couple of days in most cases in those areas. The Southwest, Mid-Atlantic and Tennessee Valley up into the Ohio Valley have been pretty average overall. But the Northeast has been bucking up to some extreme cold this month so far – colder than anticipated. Most of the cold weather has stayed up in Canada, but breaks down into the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest have been frequent yet short lived. Looks like this pattern will continue for most of December.

December 2019 Long Range Forecast Update Map
December 2019 Long Range Forecast Update Map

The next couple of days in December will see frigid temps in Canada, the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, but they don’t last long and they don’t get very far south. Look for a typical jet stream with troughing into the Eastern portion of the country allowing come cold to come down.

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Going towards the week of Christmas, warmer weather is expected across the eastern part of the country. Will there be a white Christmas?? If you are in the Western half of the country where snow typically falls, you will likely see a white Christmas, but it’s not as likely in the Eastern half of the U.S.

This is not the big winter pattern Neoweather expected and they’re still not expecting anything huge as we go through most of December. However, watch out as the EPO (Eastern Pacific Oscillation) dips down dramatically at the end of the month allowing the frigid air from Canada to move south into the Central and Eastern U.S. The EPO is one of the biggest triggers for winter weather, so “Winter is Coming!”

December 2019 EPO
December 2019 EPO

As far as precipitation goes, there will be a wet pattern coming up from Mexico that might cause some systems to form in the typical areas, but nothing more than average or slightly above or below average snow fall is expected for the month of December.

Stay tuned for more long range weather forecast updates from Neoweather brought to you by Snow Plow News throughout the winter. We don’t just send out long range forecasts once, but we update them all season long. Looking for more immediate and accurate weather forecasting for YOUR service area? Contact Neoweather to see how private forecasting pays off!