Neoweather Makes Storm Prep Easy

Prepping for a winter storm. What’s your first move? Probably keeping an eye on the forecast at all times leading up to the event. If you don’t have the most accurate information it can be difficult to get ready

To Pre-Treat or Not to Pre-Treat

Neoweather has had multiple clients tell them they have gone out and looked at the situation at hand and were unsure if they were really going to get as much snow as was predicted. The clients decide to hold back on the pre-treating a little and will plow when it hits around 2 inches. However, they are guessing and hoping that more snow won’t come. In some cases, it does keep snowing.

A Simple Call for Accurate Information

Neoweather encourages their clients to give them a call or send an email. They will let you know that the storm is going to keep producing snow in your area and for how long. Neoweather will give you a clear understanding of how much snow to expect so you can decide the best method for tackling it.

Don’t Rely on Your Phone App

Your apps can’t tailor to your needs. With ice storms and bigger snow events, Neoweather’s clients are able to load up their trucks, get their salt and ice equipment and pull into the parking lot. They wait for the storm to hit at the right time while no one else is out in town.

A Step Ahead of the Rest

Get ahead of the snow and ice storms by relying on Neoweather to provide accurate and timely information so you can do your job and not have to worry about when should I go out? How long will it snow? How much snow will we get? All these questions will be answered by Neoweather.