Muskox – The Bi-Directional Snowblower

Snow Plow News talks with Adam Bergman, Co-Founder of Muskox to learn about the inception of their snowblower and why it’s unique.

December 20, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Muskox has developed a bi-directional snowblower to solve the challenge of removing snow in front of garage doors. Muskox wanted to keep operators inside the machine, so they came up with the idea of a bi-directional snowblower. The bi-directional snowblower works like a traditional snowblower, but you get the opportunity to go up against the garage door and get into a back drag and blow position.

Muskox is in its third year of production and has been successfully sold in 18 different states and in Canada. Muskox first developed a single auger snowblower, but now has a dual auger machine as well. Both designs are 78 inches and fit on the front of most skid steer bodies. The dual auger is the most popular of the two designs, because it decreases labor cost due to blowing more snow and ice.

The Muskox snowblower has a patented back drag and blowing feature that makes it such a unique product. Designed with a durable upper rubber cutting edge that works like a squeegee to remove wet, heavy snow and greatly reduces scratching surfaces and salt usage.

A newer feature that Muskox added to this snowblower is the leveling wheel. The leveling wheel rotates with the blower to show the operator the perfect position for gliding, shearing and back dragging. The leveling wheel also allows the operator to get off and running a lot faster without a long learning curve.

This snowblower also has a glide plate that is 800 sq inches, composed of UHMW plastic to glide over surfaces without the steel touching the ground.

The lower cutting edge of the snowblower is made of steel that is angled upwards, so you are not riding on the cutting edge. This feature allows the operator to ride over grass without tearing up the sod and ride over gravel without picking up rocks. Once the operator is ready to scrape, they can rotate the cutting edge down, to scrape ice.

Muskox has also redesigned the original snowblower fan from a four fin system to a six fin system. The added fins allow the machine to eat through snow faster without bogging down the hydraulics.

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