Meyer Products Introduces New Easy On/Off Attachment System

As a well-known innovator in the industry, Meyer has introduced a new attachment mechanism and gave Snow Plow News a first look at the 2023 NTEA show.

August 15, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Snow Plow News met up with Jason Bartuseck from Meyer Products to see what new products and plow features they have come out with.

Over the last few years, Meyer has been planning product innovations, listening to what customers want in regard to product features. Customers said it was difficult to take the Meyer plows on and off, so Meyer worked on different concepts for an easier attachment system. Meyer introduced a new easy on/off system that enables the plow to be attached/unattached in less than a minute. Previously, attaching a plow required the operator to walk around both sides of the vehicle and would take minutes to complete the process. In snowstorms, that’s the last thing you want to do. The new attachment system now enables the operator to stay on one side of the vehicle, connect the electrical, turn two handles, hit a button up and down and you are ready to go. Meyer has timed this simple concept in their factory and you can complete the mount in as little as 15-20 seconds.

Features & Benefits

  • Hydraulic switch replaces the classic manual design for easy mount/dismount
  • Spring tension release pins quickly latch with the turn of the handle
  • Mount / dismount from one side of the plow
  • Minimalistic design eliminates lifting chains, reducing replacement parts
  • Industry-standard power components with automotive-style connectors
  • Solid cylinder stays rigid during use minimizing “bouncing” that can lead to plow and truck damage
  • Cylinder applies appropriate downward-pressure for superior plowing and back-dragging
  • Pistol grip, handheld controller for ease of use from the driver’s seat
  • Operates using the high-quality truck mount and clevis for which Meyer is known

Connect Electrical Components

Turn Handles to Lock Pins

Flip the Switch

Meyer’s new attachment system is currently available for Lot Pro plows.

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