Marketing Tech for Contractors and Dealers From trDIGITAL

Snow Plow News talks with Todd Reilly, President of trDIGITAL, about how they are utilizing their marketing expertise in the snow and ice industry.

August 10, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

trDIGITAL is an interactive marketing and advertising agency, primarily in the outdoor power equipment industry, and mostly with manufacturers, distributors and dealers. trDIGITAL prides themselves on their industry expertise, transparency with their clients and a collaborative approach to providing the best digital marketing possible to the outdoor power equipment industry.

The snow and ice industry always has new technologies and trDIGITAL tries to bring them into the industry, because it’s a very unique industry and not many people focus on it. The snow and ice industry is a great opportunity for trDIGITAL, because a lot of philosophies used in marketing really apply to snow and ice and some pretty smart things can be done in that space.

trDIGITAL focuses on lead generation, email was the forum a couple years ago, but now, text messaging is being utilized much more. Email inboxes can become an absolute spam box, so marketing companies seem to be moving away from this. Text message marketing works well because it is quick, effective and there are a lot more parameters and legalities around it. When you give out your phone number there’s a lot of rules that need to be followed for anyone to connect with you, but if you want to get information about a product or talk to a dealer or a plower, it’s a great way to get a text quote. QR codes are another easy and effective way to interact. Now that people are texting more, scanning QR codes almost comes second nature. QR codes make sure you get information downloaded quickly and can go on your way, information in hand.

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