Greenworks Commercial’s Latest Venture: The Electric ZT with an All New Snow Plow

Greenworks Commercial introduces their all-electric commercial vehicle line to the landscaping and snow removal industries.

March 19, 2024 | Staff Editor

Innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to landscaping and snow removal. Greenworks Commercial, is breaking new ground with their all-electric commercial vehicle line, including Zero Turns (ZTs) and UTVs, along with cutting-edge accessories like their latest plow blade prototype. Let’s delve into the features and potential of this new equipment.

Product Development Manager, Mason Kane, emphasizes the challenges that snow and ice present in the landscaping industry, traditionally tackled with gas and diesel equipment. However, Greenworks is changing the narrative by showcasing the capabilities of their battery-powered machines not only in spring but also in fall and winter tasks like plowing, snowblowing, and scraping.

What sets Greenworks apart is their ability to leverage the confidence and reliability of their battery technology, eliminating the need for secondary power sources. The plow blade prototype, powered by the machine’s own battery, offers versatility with adjustable travel modes and plow angles while remaining lightweight and easy to store.

Acknowledging initial skepticism, Kane expresses a commitment to gathering feedback and refining the product into a market-ready solution. The prototype serves as a proof of concept, with extensive testing under harsh conditions to ensure durability and performance.

Looking ahead, Greenworks has ambitious plans for snow and ice applications, including a front-end air blower powered by their ETO system for clearing fresh powdery snow and a potential dual-stage snow thrower attachment. These innovations aim to provide efficient solutions for various snow removal scenarios, from heavy snowfall to lighter accumulations.

The Greenworks Electric ZT with the new plow blade prototype represents a paradigm shift in snow removal equipment, offering a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable alternative to traditional gas-powered machinery. As Greenworks continues to push boundaries and refine their products, the future looks promising for a greener approach to winter maintenance in the landscaping industry.

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