GM 2019 Trucks Expand Plow Prep Package

GM is expanding their line of trucks with the 2019 Silverado. The new line will offer something for everyone and every type of job you need to take on. The new line will offer an expanded snow plow prep package. This additional availability goes from just a regular cab as they are today to include not only double cabs but crew cab models as well. This flexibility and additional feature allows the customers to get exactly what they need.

New Prep Package

The newly added snow plow prep package includes a 220-amp alternator, heavy-duty springs and a heavy-duty air cleaner. These benefits truly give upfitters everything they could ever need to add a plow to a truck. The new package is for both the customers and upfitters. GM added this to provide customers with a variety of choices. You get to decide what you need and can optimize your truck to fit those needs.

Giving Customers What they Need

 While the regular cabs work for some, the consensus seemed to be that customers needed more room. The regular cab just didn’t live up to their expectations. The new cab types allow for everyone to get the extra space they were looking for in the past.

Working Together

GM has been and will continue to work with the companies who add plows to their trucks. This open communication allows for a better product at the end of the day. They are both focused on providing their customers with the best. Involving these companies throughout the design process has been an important factor for GM. Making these trucks user and upfitter friendly, will allow for an easy plow application.