Casper’s Truck Equipment: Heavy Duty Equipment For Municipalities & Large Snow Removal Operations

In this edition of SnowPlowNews, Jason Sagorac of Casper’s Truck Equipment shows off some big snow moving equipment they brought to the APWA Snow Conference.

Casper’s Truck Equipment Is A Leading Snow & Ice Equipment Distributor In Wisconsin

Casper’s is a distributor for some well known snow and ice removal manufacturers like Henderson and J.A. Larue. Both the Henderson and Larue product lines focus primarily on the municipal snow maintenance market. Casper’s builds trucks for municipalities to keep public roads safe and provides equipment for commercial snow and ice maintenance contractors. They have a reputation for quality service and the company has continued to grow and expand into new areas.

Larue D50 Detachable Snowblower Moves A LOT of Snow

D50 Snowblower

The D50 Casper’s brought to the conference is a powerful rig boasting a 300hp Caterpillar Engine. This unit moves a massive, 2,750 tons of snow per hour. This machine is not for cleaning sidewalks. It’s designed for municipal operations where snow is removed from streets by dump trucks. It’s equipped with a truck loading chute with a variable casting distance of 4ft to 50ft. The The D50 at this show was recently purchased by the city of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for cleaning up their 32 plus inches of annual snowfall. We wouldn’t expect them to sell many of these massive snow machines down south.

Henderson Mfg Smart Link Rotational Trip Wing Assembly For Improved Operator Safety


Casper’s also brought along some big equipment from Henderson Manufacturing of Manchester, Iowa. The Smart Link Rotational Trip Wing Assembly is an improvement of the floating wing mast. Henderson has incorporated the rotation into the design providing the moldboard with a natural trip. In this assembly there isn’t a front post which improves operator visibility during plowing. The rotational trip is the key to preventing toe dig and eliminates violent wing kick all of which makes for a much safer plowing experience.

Henderson Mfg Munibody Heavy Duty Combination Dump Bed

The Munibody comes in a variety of designs for demanding applications. Henderson has basically taken a conventional dump body and fitted it with a heavy duty conveyor. This allows snow and ice removal material to be moved to the spinner at the tailgate. No more need for a dump body/V-box combination or dump body/tailgate spreader. This assembly accomplishes the task with great efficiency. The munibody is also a multi-seasonal workhorse able to move various materials depending on your job.

Henderson has several optional add-ons available for this outfit.

Henderson Mfg RSP-OC Reversible Snow Plow


Last, but not least, Casper’s showcased the Henderson RSP-OC Snowplow at the conference. This reversible plow utilizes a stainless steel mold board and adjustable trip cutting edge to make it a rabid snow moving machine. It’s controlled by dual outboard cylinders and is built to handle the nastiest road conditions. It features a clean box design which minimizes areas that typically fill up with salt and corrosives.

For additional information, contact Casper’s Truck Equipment at 920-687-1111 or visit Casper’s online.




Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews