Buyers Technology Direction with Brian Smith, COO

What’s next for Buyers? Brian Smith, COO at Buyers believes we will be seeing more volatility in the industry. There will be some rapid changes and some unpredictability. Customers are going to be more cautions with their investments and when they do decide to make an investment, they want immediate satisfaction.

Count on Buyers

When contractors need to use their equipment, they are going to count on a company like Buyers. Buyers strives to develop and have product on hand before people need or want it. If you order something, they want it shipped to you that day. Customer service focused is a game changer in the industry. Contractors and customers do not always have the extra time to wait and Buyers knows that.

New Technology Coming

So what are you going to see from Buyers in the near future? Well, they have new technology they are working on including lighting, vision systems such as back-up cameras, 360 views not only for viewing the surroundings of your truck, but to check on how much salt is remaining in your bed. Each improvement only creates convince and productivity for the contractor.

Here to Serve You

Buyers also sees more integration with the municipal market. They will be expanding product offerings including regulating how much salt you spread. This added benefit is not only cost effective for the contractor, but better for the environment. Be on the look-out for new improvements and advancements from Buyers. They are ahead of the curve and focused on being the go-to company for your larger business investments.