Buyers Snowdogg VXFII – Revamped for 2018

Buyers has made a great plow even better with a new jack switch that is able to get you out on the road and plowing in less time.

SnowDogg plows have been clearing the white stuff for over a decade now. Known for innovative features, Buyers has continued that tradition with their improvements to the 2018 VXFII Snow Plow. Using input from users like you, they are always finding ways to make your job easier – which gets you more money in less time.

Not only has Buyers made significant improvements in the prop mechanism, we are really excited about their all new jack switch. The VXFII lets you adjust the height of the plow, even when it isn’t attached to your truck.  No longer is there need for you to have an extra jack just for your plow. Need to move your plow to a different truck? Not a problem with the jack switch. Are you in gravel or did your truck pop back? The jack switch has you covered.

The jack switch gives you up to an additional 4 inches of height from the plow’s dismounted position. You no longer have any issues with switching your plow to a different truck or with ground sag. To make the jack switch even easier to use they have also improved the chain lift and the prop feet.

The engineers at Buyers are always thinking ahead to help you get out and on the road faster. The innovations in the VXFII snow plow are all about getting you to the job site faster which saves you time and money.