Ariens Path-Pro Single Stage Snow Thrower Is A Top Performer


In this edition of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens talks with Angela Raddant from Ariens about their latest product offering. Ariens Path-Pro Snow Blower is a single stage machine with a penchant for cleaning pavement.

Ariens Quest To Build A Snowblower Worthy Of The ‘King of Snow’ Title

Ariens has been out of this market for awhile. After approximately 2 years of design and development, they’re back with a commercial grade machine meant to satisfy customer needs. They’ve built the Path-Pro to meet the higher standards and rigorous work load of contractors, while making it manageable for homeowners too. Ariens design team apparently spent some of their time listening to the demands of the commercial snow removal community. They wanted this product offering to earn it’s ‘King of Snow’ designation.

Path-Pro Snowblower

Path-Pro Features Improve Performance Of This Sno Thro

1. Folding ergonomic handlebars makes storage a breeze
2. Steel-walled housing, reinforced rubber paddles and an adjustable scraper bar for big performance
3. Available remote chute rotation allows the operator to send snow in any direction
4. Semi-pneumatic wheels make the machine more agile and user friendly
5. Maintenance friendly cowl design allows easy access to engine compartment
6. Independent axle makes it easier to repair
7. 4-cycle Ariens AX engine
8. 3-year consumer, 90-day commercial warranty

Single Stage Snow Blower Handles Snow Like A Pro

The heavy duty, rugged frame means you don’t have to treat this machine with kid gloves. It takes abuse that’s common for a heavy workload. You can take this unit up and down stairs without worrying about damaging vital components. The semi-pneumatic tires ease the strain on your back too. Complete with an independent axle, this Ariens snow thrower allows you to fix it when bent instead of chucking it. The Path-Pro is a single stage snowblower, but it has a two position, adjustable scraper bar that allows you to choose your cleaning height. Position the unit to clean right down to the ground when working on pavement or use a higher position for clearance over rough terrain.

Ariens Snow Thrower

Easier Maintenance Makes The Path-Pro A Winner

A snow thrower has a hard life. It faces some extreme conditions when it’s working, then sits in storage until it’s needed again. Like any other machine it will require maintenance. Ariens built the Path-Pro for ease of operation and convenient access to major components. A flip up door in the cowl provides the operator with access to the spark plug, carb, oil drain and recoil without having to take off the housing.

This is a welcome addition to the Ariens winter product line and it’s obvious they’ve done their homework.

Visit Ariens website for more details or to find a dealer near you.


Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews